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9 Ways to Make Your Commute to University Interesting

When you are commuting to the university, particularly if you have a long commute ahead of you, you can actually make it interesting. The time that you get on your travel can be used for reading, clearing your mailbox, chatting with loved ones, or even listening to quality music.  Here are some great suggestions to use this time productively:


When you can use your travel time for reading, it is perhaps the greatest benefit you can do yourself. Whether it is the morning newspaper or a novel on the Kindle, there is no better way to enrich your mind than reading. Even if your travel time is not too long, you can still include many minutes of reading into your weekly schedule. To do this, you can download the bestsellers on your tablet or Kindle. You can use the Pocket app to save articles and videos at one location for quick reading while you travel.


When you are fond of learning new stuff but do not have access to books, or you do not want to carry heavy books with you, podcasts are a great alternative. They will give you the same satisfaction as reading books. All you need to do is download your favorite programs onto your smartphones. You can stay in tune with what is happening around you, focusing on topics which are of interest to you.

Online Courses

Learning a new language is a smart way to make good use of the time that you get on your daily commute. This is not only mentally rewarding as it will give you a sense of accomplishment; it will make your CV more impressive. When you want to take up new courses for education credits in college, this is a good time to learn something new. You can download audio versions of such content. In this way, you may even opt for marketing or finance courses when you are keen to take up an entrepreneurial job later. These online courses can also help you in writing assignments.

Plan your Day

You can get a head start by planning your day well when you have the time to do so. Having proper routines and setting goals to achieve during the day is a productive effort. This effort is sure to yield results because it enhances efficiency at work. You can concentrate on the tasks at hand without getting easily distracted by what is happening around you. Besides making a to-do list for your convenience, you can even make new resolutions and check your progress through apps. For instance, there is a free app that allows you to set work and personal targets. You may pay a small amount to get a coach to guide you to attain those targets.

Handling Emails

When you have a lot of time in hand while on the bus or train to college, you can clean your mailboxes and respond to important emails. You have the time to make drafts of important mails that may be sent later during the day. You can delete spam mails and other mails which are of no use to you. This is an excellent way to make use of the extra time in hand because it will save you a lot of energy and time for later.

Make New Hobbies

You may have had hobbies as a child which you could not pursue. Now may be the right time to do this. Whether it is knitting a colorful scarf that you can wear to university or sewing a nice handkerchief for your classmate’s birthday, it can be a great way to make use of your extra time productively. You could try your luck at solving crosswords and other mindboggling puzzles in the newspaper. This is an excellent warm-up for the brain.


You do not have to use the public transport all the time to travel to college. You can always get down from the bus after a distance and slip on your trainers to jog the extra mile. This exercise is a great way to keep the weight in check and works wonders for your overall wellbeing. You can breathe in the natural fresh air which rejuvenates your body and mind. You could even try to cycle, or perhaps walk the distance to college if you have the stamina for it. Instead of running to the gym after classes every day, this habit will ensure you stay in the pink of health.

Social Skill Building

When you travel, you get an opportunity to meet and interact with people you do not know. This offers you a unique chance to make new friends and expand your social network. Talking to people helps you to gain more confidence; you can learn a lot from others belonging to different walks of life. You can listen to their stories of struggle and success and get inspired. Social skills will go a long way in helping you succeed in whatever you do later on in life.

Make Calls: An easy way to spend travel time is to make calls. Each one of us has important calls to make, whether it is your parents to inform them how you are or calls for work that must be done. You should ideally invest in a hands-free device for making these routine calls. This habit ensures that you are in a good mood in the morning as you look forward to talking to your folks. A chat with your best friend will always lighten your mood and lift up your spirits. So, you can actually catch up with people who matter to you, even when you have a hectic student life.

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