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A Bird’s-eye View of America’s Toughest Corn Mazes

The seasonal corn maze is a curiously American tradition. Theatre producer Don Frantz opened his ‘Amazing Maize Maze’ back in 1993, and over the years more than 20 million visitors have navigated their way along its patterned paths of towering corn.

Since the maze craze took off, hundreds of quirky and creative corn mazes have provided family fun across America, and it’s easy to see the appeal. As well as the wholesome outdoor exercise, there’s something powerful and comforting about solving a puzzle, especially in confusing times.

In a year of twists and turns like 2020, the corn maze feels more relevant than ever. For safety reasons, many mazes will be closed or have reduced access this fall. That’s why NetCredit have produced digital versions of some of America’s most impressive corn mazes, including their solutions, for you to enjoy.

1. Treinen Farm’s ‘Trilobite’ Maze (Lodi, Wisconsin)

The “largest trilobite ever found” was cut in 2017 by Alan Treinen on his family farm. At 480 feet, it was much larger than the actual Paleozoic sea critters that are the “official fossil” of the state.

2. Treworgy Orchards ‘Blueberries for Sal’ Maze (Levant, Maine)

Inspired by the children’s book Blueberries for Sal, the Treworgy family developed their own methods to plan and carve the pathways for planting this maze, which won the USA Today Reader’s Choice Award in 2019.

3. Gull Meadows Maze (Richland, Michigan)

The house-shaped plot at Gull Meadows Maze is well worth a visit for the whole family. There’s a mini-maze with minimal twists and turns for small children, and a family-friendly ‘flashlight’ night maze for more intrepid puzzlers!

4. Queens County Farm Maze (Queens, New York)

This 3-acre maze in the middle of Queens is New York city’s only corn maze. The 2016 design was inspired by the Big Apple itself. At nearly two miles long, the correct route takes about an hour to complete, following helpful clues that are situated along the way.

5. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Maze (Ronks, Pennsylvania)

With 25 years of experience, the people at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm know how to design a maze. You can choose from three levels of challenge to complete the maze, and with 2.5 miles of paths, bridges, and clues, this 5-acre maze is dynamic and interactive for everyone.

6. Lost Vegas (sterling, Massachusetts)

The spectacular maze at Davis Mega Farm Festival took 13,000 to build back in 2007, and the result was an experience. Not only were there three miles of intricate pathways to navigate, but bridges were moved each day to change the route. Apparently, only 5% of visitors made it through without help!

7. Lentini Farms Maze (Fredon Township, New Jersey)

Legend has it that Lentini’s corn maze is so challenging that one year a frustrated visitor called the emergency services for help. However, there are clues available to those who want to find their own way out of this 10-acre puzzle.

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