A Recipe for a Romantic Break Away

A break away for a bit of romance needs to follow a specific recipe for many couples in the UK. The key ingredient for Brits according to a new survey is a holiday cottage in a secluded location. Additional ingredients include a log burning fire and hot tub to help couples feel the love as well as somewhere to stargaze, a four poster bed, a great view and, of course, being pet friendly for dog lovers who can’t be parted from their pets.

The team at BlueChip Holidays surveyed 2,050 adults in the UK, asking them first to tell them whether they were in a relationships or not. Those who were interested, were then asked: “What do you look for in a romantic UK break away?”

The results showed that the must-have qualities for a romantic cottage break in the UK, with over 50% of the vote by couples was a secluded location, with those taking part yearning for privacy and somewhere which is secluded. This was closely followed by a log burning fire and then a hot tub as other must have amenities for a romantic break away.

The most popular answers are below:

  • Secluded location – 54%
  • Log burning fire – 48%
  • Somewhere with your own hot tub – 37%
  • Somewhere to stargaze – 34%
  • A four poster bed – 23%
  • A great view – 18%
  • Suitable for dogs – 10%

A number of those surveyed said that they want somewhere peaceful away from children, which makes sense if you’re looking to have some alone time with your spouse. However it does seem that there is some company couples do want, and that is their dogs. Ten percent of couples surveyed wanted somewhere to stay that was pet friendly, so they could take their four legged companions away with them!

Log burning fires, hot tubs and four poster beds do conjure up ideas of romance, and in general these features are what many people now look for when choosing somewhere to stay. A break away is also made worthwhile with a fantastic view and if you’re staying in the countryside with unspoilt views, stargazing would be something romantic to do with your spouse.

Tori Kirwan-Taylor, Brand & Communications Manager of bluechipholidays.co.uk, talked about the study:

“We wanted to get to know what people look for from a romantic break away and it’s interesting to see many people want to get away from it all and stay somewhere secluded, away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Holiday cottages and lodges are perfect for this as when you’re staying in a hotel, you are constantly surrounded by other people and it can feel like you are not getting any alone time. However staying somewhere out of the way means you’re far less likely to be disturbed.“

She added:

“We do know from customer feedback, that a log burning fire and a hot tub are now a must for many people, so I am not surprised to see these as a requirement for couples when it comes to taking a romantic break away. I am also not surprised to see that couples want somewhere which is suitable for dogs, for many, this is just one family member they don’t want to leave behind even if it’s only for a few nights.”

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