The Advantages of Installing Wooden Doors

Designing your dream home can be a daunting process, but it’s every bit as fun too. While choosing between white and beige, wooden floors or tiles, and many other harrowing choices is not easy, it gives you the chance to choose the perfect setting for your home. There are plenty of options out there, and at the end of the day, it’s important that you design your home as you please. One of the tougher choices during the process is the choice of doors. While some people would go for metal doors for more security, others would go for fiberglass for style. But it’s wooden doors that you should consider, and here’s why.


One of the most important advantages of wood is the fact that it’s a pretty good insulator. This helps in both winter and summer, and especially in countries where the weather can be extreme in either season. So, in winter, wooden doors will keep your place warm, and in summer they’ll keep out the heat. Another excellent advantage to this insulation angle is the fact that it can actually have a positive effect on your energy bill and save you some money, since the ACs or heaters won’t be working twice as hard to keep the weather moderate inside the house. Insulation also comes in handy in case of a short circuit, because wood doesn’t conduct electricity, so you won’t risk being electrocuted in your bed or something.

Environment friendly

Believe it or not, wooden doors are actually environment friendly, contrary to popular belief. Some studies show that timber doors help reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the air! So, if you get a wooden door from a5door, you’re not only getting a door that looks good, but you’re also doing your part towards the environment by installing a door that could help reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the air, and in return help the environment.


Fact is, wooden doors have this classical, chic look that is so much better looking than any door. You can have a fashionable home that is superbly designed, and ruin it all by choosing the wrong door. Wooden doors elevate the look of the house and they complement your furniture and painting, and pretty much everything else.


Wood is actually very durable, and it has been used in construction for thousands of years. It’s quite a stable and reliable material, and it sustained harsh conditions before and survived them all. While it does require maintenance on the long run to ensure its painting is good and that rot doesn’t infest it, it is still relatively more durable than your other choices and would last longer. There’s also the cool fact that it doesn’t rust, which is something you’ll suffer with metal doors.

Overall better

Wooden doors are just better overall than any other choice in the market. They’re quite cheaper too –– installing a metal door would probably cost you a lot of money. It also helps that wooden doors are aesthetically pleasing, and very easy on the eye. Then there’s the fact that you can easily modify them, where you can change the structure and position much easier than any other door types.

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