A Rare Adventure: Everything From Layout to Escape Room Prices In Calgary

Escape rooms are an entertainment craze that has been growing in popularity with each week. Seemingly coming out of nowhere they combine a mixture of intelligence, teamwork, and observation in ways that can titillate everyone from serious gamers to the casual problem solver.

Both those that are fans of hardcore role-playing games will be hard-pressed to find a better opportunity to enjoy themselves and challenge themselves in a team setting.

There’s a lot that goes into Escape Rooms. They are built on a network that interweaves hints, trap doors, and little secrets that require careful observation that would make even Sherlock Holmes think twice. We’ll go over a few of the details that will aid in your preparation for your first adventure engaging in an escape room in Calgary.


Escape rooms are always themed. Some are themed after horror or mystery while others are comedic. This is for two reasons, first, to add a fantastical element to how the challenge goes. These themes play into the types of storyline or hints that you will have to unravel.

These themes can come in a few different forms. Beyond the decoration itself that is modeled to transport the players into the world of the game, the actual tools/items you will collect will be inline with the theme. The theme can be in the form of a sci-fi adventure, or prohibition-era themed story that while it makes things interesting, can serve as a distraction.

Things that you think will be useful are meant to be time wasters meant to confuse. For instance, say you are in a World War-themed room, you may find ledgers, books, or other things that do little more than confuse and burn up your time.


The layout of escape rooms varies from room to room or challenge to challenge. Every new development can alter the room or just a small part of it. Attention to detail isn’t enough. You have to be able to read the entire layout of the room or rooms that the game takes place in.

The layout can be filled with levers, small items meant to unlock closed doors or boxes or other locked areas. These areas or pieces of the puzzle have to be done in a particular order to ensure that you can escape within the allotted time frame.

Most of the time, there is no requirement to climb or reach anything that’s too high. The rooms are designed to make it easy for anyone of any size to participate without any advantage for a specific body type or height.


The price for escape rooms is usually based on a one-hour allotment of challenges. Escape room prices in Calgary are set up to be based on group size.

Usually, they range between $25 to $30 per participant. Its meant to cover the costs of your group, the game master, and usage of the space. Larger groups can get a different cost scaled to the focus of the event/group. There may be discounts/wholesale pricing available.

If you are still curious, take a moment to contact a booking agent and find out more details. It’s the first step to experiencing one of the best game based adventures you can imagine.

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