Alberobello, The Italian version of The Hobbit Village

Alberobello is a small town and commune in the province of Bari, in Puglia, Italy. The population is about 11,000 inhabitants and is famous for its unique trulli constructions. The Trulli of Alberobello are part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites list since 1996.

New Zealand is the country most associated with hobbits, but Alberobello village in southern Italy is not far from this
style. All the houses in this strange, but charming village is built in a style very reminiscent of the magic of  hobbit shire.

If you still don’t know where you want to go in Europe we suggest to you to go in Alberobello. It is a small but very beautiful town. There you can enjoy in the unusual architecture, fairy tale houses, amazing landscapes and delicious traditional food. It is also very peaceful town, so it would be a perfect destination for a family vacation.

Below you can see 9 amazing photos of the Alberobello town in Italy, that will take your breath away, and will gonna make you  to go there and enjoy in the beauty that you can see only there.

Image by Verity Cridland via Flickr

Image by Pierpaolo via Flickr

Local residents call them corrupt. It is built using the construction technique which allows the wall to withstand what is placed on it. The construction is a limestone, mortar is not used, and the roofs are conic.

Image by Ricardo via Flickr

Image by Ricardo via Flickr

Image by Elizabeth Thomsen via Flickr

Image by ricmartínez via Flickr

Image by Tarantino Vincenzo via Flickr

Image by Bernard-G via Flickr

Image by Michele M. via Flickr

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