Amazing Destinations for Tea Lovers

Tea comes in different varieties, flavors, and aroma for every moment of the day or night that will complement any food.

In every tea-loving country, green tea is a protagonist of traditional customs and practices, and it has apparently become popular and a part of a healthful regimen. There are many types of teas, each serves its own purpose and served in myriad ways for the drinking pleasure of a tea lover.

The best way of drinking green tea is sipping a cup in its country of origin, simultaneously gaining wisdom into the local history and immersing in the cultural setting. Tea lovers will love these places while enjoying the world’s finest brew.

Authentic Mint Tea from Morocco

Experience Moroccan hospitality and culture with a sip of Morocco’s authentic mint tea immersed in lots of peppermint.

Guests will be awed with the ceremonial method the host serves tea. The sweet beverage is set out in an engraved silver teapot, fancy tea glasses, and ornate serving tray. The teapot is raised a foot high to create froth when the tea is poured to the tea glasses.

You’ll be encouraged to drink endless glasses of tea and stay for a full meal. Earn a smile from your host by slurping, not sipping and saying thank you after the final glass is downed.

Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka

While Rolls Royce is to the finest cars, and Scotland is to the finest whiskey, Ceylon tea is to the world’s finest tea.

The island country of Sri Lanka formerly called Ceylon produces Ceylon tea renowned for its high-quality and superior taste. The tea earned accolades from various tea bodies:

  • Recognized as the cleanest tea in the market, according to the 2017 EU Surveillance Report.
  • In 1997 and 1999, ISO acknowledged the tea as the cleanest as far as pesticide residue was concerned.
  • The Montreal Protocol Treaty bestowed the country island as the first to produce an “Ozone Friendly Tea.”

High Mountain Teas from Nepal

Elements such as altitude, climate, soil and tea bush defines the quality and taste of tea. And Nepal’s Himalayan region has it all, it has an elevation between 1,500 to 2,500 meters above sea level, and the land is rich and fertile.

Amidst the beautiful landscape is born the Nepal tea, one of the finest teas in the world.  Trekkers will have their fill of tea with tea shops dotting the trail to the Everest Base Camp. Locals fill their pan with the finest tea leaves and combine milk and sugar, bring the concoction to a boil for a magical Nepal tea brew.

The Way of Tea in Japan

Chanoyu, chado and sado are different ways of preparing and drinking tea in Japan. And tea comes in different varieties depending on how it was processed that includes matcha, sencha, hojicha, mugicha, and more.

The tea ceremony begins with a serving of thick tea and ends with thin tea. The traditional affair is defined with exact details from dress code to hand movements.

Once finished, a guest shows appreciation by turning the bowl so that the front faces the host.

China is the Home of Tea

If you dine in a Chinese restaurant, you will notice waiters offering Chinese tea to their patrons.

Tea-drinking is a way of life among the Chinese and a part of their culture and tradition. China introduced tea to the world and is the leading maker and consumer of this wonderful herb.

Savor the many delicious flavors of Chinese tea made from the traditional method of hand producing techniques. Hangzhou city produces Dragon Well or Longjing, the most popular tea in China for its unique and exquisite taste.

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