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Angel Falls – The Highest and Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

Let a little escape from reality. Imagine that you are far away. Surrounded by greenery and nature you will hear only the sounds of birds and trees. The sound of water near you cleans your mind and relaxes you. How about enjoying beside one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world?

Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful pieces of nature, and although there are many across our planet, some of them particularly stand out with its beauty, the specific flora and height. Angel Falls, although it is the highest waterfall on the planet, the terrain is inaccessible from the rest, so it is not much visited.

Image by Antonio Perez Rio via Flickr

Image by Erik Cleves Kristensen via Flickr

Salto Del Angel also known as Angel Falls deservedly brings this name. The waterfall is located on the small river Churuta which is tributary of the Caroni, national park Canaima in Guianan savanna region in Venezuela. Angel Falls are the highest waterfall in the world. Its altitude is 979 meters and has free fall of 807 meters. It is interesting that the height of the waterfall is so high and water in the fall is turning into mist before falling to the ground. This waterfall was first discovered in 1912 by the Venezuelan explorer Ernesto Sanchez La Cruz, but his discovery he did not publicly announced.

Image by Erik Cleves Kristensen via Flickr

Image by marcin wojcik via Flickr

Image by Francisco Becerro via Flickr

Image by Erik Cleves Kristensen via Flickr

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