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Antalya – The Best of Turkey

Antalya for years is one of the most visited Turkish cities. What makes it so magnificent: city hidden under the beautiful beaches, luxury hotels that offer you everything you want, and historical landmarks that will satisfy your desire to learn something new.

It is located in the southern part of Anatolia peninsula, and its name means shining star of Mediterranean Sea. Antalya belong areas of Kash, Alanya, Manavgat and Kemer. The city of Antalya, the capital of the eponymous province has 603,190 inhabitants, but during summer tourist season, that number climbs to 2 million.It is one of the most popular summer destination in nowdays.

City of Antalya  which mixed history and culture, deserves the title “the capital of Turkish tourism” as many call it. Today this city live in the golden age, as it is transformed into a cultural and historical center with themed hotels that “are” Venice or cathedrals in Moscow. Here you can still see traces of Byzantine and Roman architecture.

In this article you can see amazing 6 photos of Antalya, that will gonna make you to go there for your summer vacation.

Antalya Beach

Image by Tare. via Flickr

Waterfall in Antalya

Image by Guillén Pérez via Flickr

Torreon, Fortified tower

Image by Jose Alemañ Asensi via Flickr

Antalya is a very picturesque town, surrounded by mountains, forests, Mediterranean climate and many archaeological sites. From the airport in Antalya can go to any part of the so-called Turkish Riviera, which got this name because of the natural and historic beauty possessed.

Antalya Coast

Image by ccdoh1 via Flickr

Bay at Antalya, Turkey

Image by Alex Kulikov via Flickr

Antalya Old Town

Image by Jaroslaw Kulik via Flickr

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