Architectural Buildings That Are Worth Your Time as a Tourist in Canada

Tourism mainly concentrates on wildlife, hotels, family activities, art et cetera. However, there are a few of us who love architecture and cannot visit a place and fail to identify architectural designs. For Canada, architecture has a place and there are several buildings which will catch your attention. Here, we are going to look at some of the buildings you should visit and enjoy their sight.

The Mies Van Rohe Gas Station in Quebec State

Canada citizens are familiar with this gas station, but guests won’t have an idea about anything like that. Many gas stations are made from concrete and have closed walls. However, this gas station in Montreal has walls made of glass and the lighting is amazing. The station was built to offer refilling and sales services to customers, and a car wash was also underway before its closure.

By Kate McDonnell [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

A University Building, Ryerson Image Center in Toronto

The name suggests something to do with art, and that is what it is exactly. During the day, this university building looks like a normal plain building, but at night it becomes the center of attraction. The art palace for students of Ryerson University lights up at night displaying a variety of colors. If you are an architectural tourist, include this on your visit list.

University Of British Columbia Pharmaceutical Building

Ever looked at a moving puzzle and wondered if there are any buildings similar to it? The answer is yes. Students doing pharmaceutical courses encounter this daily. This faculty building has been built to look like a puzzle standing on pillars. The ground floor is visible from outside displaying an elegant finish to the building. The walls are made of glass and steel panels. At night, this building lights up to become an outstanding view for the university.

By Jeff Hitchcock [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Absolute Towers of Mississauga

These two towers elongate from the ground and stand in a wobbly manner like a spring. If you are not an architect, but you love wondering, this building has qualified for the position. Opened in 2011, it stands tall to offer a breathtaking view to residents of Mississauga. The idea behind the engineers and architects was to provide a landmark for the city.

The Vancouver Building in Vancouver

The building is a residential area built on the outskirts of Vancouver. If you are talking about architecture, this building should be given a thumbs up. It does not only break the borders of architecture but also technology. Due to the climate variations of Vancouver, they have a technology to handle parking. To complement this, residents have balconies which expose you to a beautiful landscape. Visit this building, and although you won’t purchase a house, you will at least have experience of viewing this magnificent building.

Image by

How Do I Go About Applying For A Canada Eta?

Let’s leave architecture behind now. How will you get a Canada eta application to enter the country so you can view these magnificent buildings? For you Canada eta application to be approved, you must have a valid passport. You should also be healthy, financially stable and of course conviction-free.


When you visit Canada, becomes open-minded. Stop concentrating on fun and sight-seeing, consider visiting architectural buildings and get yourself selfies to take home with you. Canada has more buildings to offer so don’t think of Canada as a boring place with no population.

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