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How to Arrange the Best Outdoor Movie Projection

Nothing beats a warm summer night outdoors with friends and family. Make it an especially fun and memorable night with an outdoor movie. Organizing an outdoor projection is actually quite easy and the possibilities are numerous.

1. Where will it be at?

Finding the right location is important. Keep in mind important details like street lights, seating room, screen placement (discussed further below)…etc. Testing out several favorable locations is helpful. Also determine where the projector needs to be. The higher the projector is placed the better. Placing it at the height of the screen is ideal.

2. What type of screen will it be?

The easiest and least expensive screen utilizes the siding of the house. Simply hang an ironed white sheet from the siding. Another option is to use plywood and attach butcher paper or vinyl.

Image by sCrIpT mUnKeE via Flickr

3. What type of projector should be used?

If planning on having a fairly large screen then a high definition projector should considered for the best resolution. Renting a projector is the cheapest way to go. Although you can also buy projectors on websites like this.One of the best and least costly projectors is the high-def Optoma HD20 at

4. What other technical equipment is necessary?

A DVD player or laptop and speakers are the other two things that are needed.

Image by jason gessner via Flickr

5. What type of seating should there be?

For a more rustic feel use tree stumps. If comfort is more important then opt for lawn chairs or outdoor couches with pillows. To save money and time have guests bring their own seating.

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6. Will there be food?

Popcorn is the easiest and most practical movie food. Any type of finger food (hotdogs, corn on the cob, candy) works the best. Crunchy food like chips is not preferable as it can be noisy during the movie. Bottled sodas are fun and add to the old-fashion feel of the outdoor movie.

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7. What lighting should be used?

Minimal lighting is important to set the mood and allow some visibility. Candles (flameless if possible) work the best and should be spread out amongst the seating. Another fun idea would be to use glow sticks set inside plastic cups.

Other tips:

– Make sure to have plenty of long extension cords.
– Keep a flashlight on hand to be able to see the pause and play buttons.

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