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Aruba – a Beautiful Small Island with a Dutch Flavor

There are always a lot of perfectly good reasons to choose the Caribbean for your next holiday. But, the Caribbean consist so many islands and that why we suggest which one to select. Go to Aruba and experience a heavenly blue sea, idyllic sandy beaches, mild climate and accessible luxury.

Aruba offers more than just natural beauty. This island-state is a great destination for all those who love the decadence and luxury. It has an impressive collection of brilliant casinos, luxury hotels and shopping centers that can compete with those in Las Vegas.

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This island is located on the southern Caribbean Sea, close to the Venezuelan coast and also is one of the constitutional states of the Netherlands. The island of Aruba is 33 kilometers long and seems to be divided into northwestern and southern coast. Southern has white, sandy beaches, the color of water is turquoise and the water is hot. Northwest coast, which is exposed to the Atlantic waters, has only a few white beaches, rough seas with dangerous sea currents and line the coast, filled with rocks. With an area of approximately 184 square kilometers, Aruba is known as island that has no river. Joyous atmosphere reigns on the island, especially in the capital Oranjestad. There every Tuesday is organizing festival of food and music.

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Colorful bus Kukoo Kunuku every night made night tours with tourists. Lovers of sun the whole year can enjoy scuba diving and wriggle through the entire flock of tiny fish with phenomenal visual impact. For adrenaline addicts, very popular activity is windsurfing due to the continued strength of the wind and favorable waves. If you want to peek into the marine world, while staying completely dry, then aboard the glasboden boot, glass-bottom boats or submarines, through which you can watch the brightly colored tropical fish and corals. Besides the natural beauty of Aruba you can explore hidden places that testify to the past as remains of old gold mine, the old stone bridge and the national wildlife park that occupies 20 percent of the island.

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