Atrani – Summer Destination From Your Dreams

Located on the Amalfi coast, this city is the smallest city in the southern part of Italy. This beautiful municipality was even shown in the ad for the Fiat 500. Look to feel its magic.

The town is located between the Civita Hill and Aureo Hill. Atrani is along the valley of the Dragone River, named for a legend saying there once was a terrible dragon that would breathe fire and would hide himself there.

Atrani is one of the most beautiful small town in Italy. There you can see beautiful old buildings, amazing architecture, awesome square… Also tourist there can enjoy in the delicious traditional Italian food. If you still don’t know where you want to spend your summer vacation, we suggest to go in Atrani. There you can enjoy in the beautiful sunny beaches, astonishing landscapes, amazing nature, brilliant restaurants and a lot of another interesting things.

Below you can see awesome photos of Atrani that will gonna blow your mind and will gonna make you to spent your summer vacation there and enjoy in the beauty that this town give to us.

Image by Fiore Silvestro Barbato via Flickr

Image by Sergio Morchon via Flickr

Image by Sam Newman via Flickr

Image by Sam Newman via Flickr

Image by Sabatino Guida via Flickr

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