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Bath Remodeling: Necessary Steps and Tips to Create a Dreamy Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is no small undertaking which is why you need to have everything well-planned before you actually get down to business. And, even though you believe you’ve got it all figured out, stop for a second and consider taking advice from people who actually experts in bathroom remodeling. To spare you the cost of talking to bathroom professionals, in creating this post, we have contacted designers, contractors and other pros asking their help for getting every detail right. Here’s what they had to advise:

1. Bathroom fixtures

An effective bathroom design isn’t just about utility. It is also related to one’s sense of aesthetics and spirituality. In fact, each room of your house should have something reminding you of most pleasant thoughts so you are always surrounded with good vibes.

When decorating a bathroom, choosing elegant fixtures will most definitely bring the vibe of sophistication into your bathroom, so each time you go in you’ll be overwhelmed with a sense of beauty. A classic claw-foot tub is like bathroom sculpture and it will definitely look better than just a usual tub. Same goes for a pedestal sink with graceful lines. The simple lines of the lip have an inherent beauty even enclosed in a deck.

Image by GladyHi via Wikipedia

2. The Bathtub

This may sound a bit silly but experts in bathroom remodeling advise buyers of new bathroom equipment to first sit in a bathtub and then decide whether they want to buy it.  Bigger isn’t always better. For most people a 60-inch tub is fine and it offers enough room to stretch out. Good thing about these baths is that they provide a secure foothold so when the tub is full you don’t float into oblivion. A tub for two people has taps in the middle. Check the angled back and lip for comfort and neck support. Buy an extra-deep tub if you only have enough space for a small one.

Image by Iwan Sastrawiguna Interior Design via Houzz

3. The shower area

Have you ever considered building a shower area? If you haven’t maybe it’s time you gave it some thought. A great space-save is a shower area that needs no door or curtain. A high wall-mounted showerhead that splashes less water and a ceiling-mounted rain showerhead will keep the area outside the shower drier. A well-designed drainage is a must. If you are struggling with limited space, consider installing a shared shower with access doors to each of the bathrooms. This goes for homes with back-to-back bathrooms and it helps maximize small and limited spaces.

Image by Chris Lattuada via Flickr

3. Flooring

Select durable flooring for a long-lasting effect. Marble, ceramic and stone tiles are all excellent water-resistant choices for a bathroom and, added to that, they are super durable. These hard surfaces will remain warm due to the subfloor heating coils.

Image by Joni Spear Interior Design via Houzz

4. Style is a must

Hang a stylish mirror for the added elegance effect and charm. Instead of covering many surfaces with mirror, one beautifully framed mirror over a sink will look more attractive. It’s also a great idea to supplement the mirror-space with a wall-mounted adjustable makeup mirror. Further, consider installing a mirrored shaving niche in your shower stall.

Image by SBI Construction via Houzz

5. Use found space

When doing bathroom remodeling, most people oversee the space between wall studs when they can be put to great use. For instance, install tall storage cabinet into the wall. This way you will save floor space while maximizing vertical storage.

Image by Gast Architects via Houzz

6. The lightning

Design lighting that works as good lighting is imperative. For lighting with no shadows combine wall sconces beside or over the mirror with halogen pot lights. Always install dimmers.

Image by MINOSA via Houzz

7. Buy a quality toilet

We all know that buying a good toilet isn’t just about how it looks but how it feels to sit on, too. Models The most comfortable toilet designs are those models with elongated bowls and seats and they cost about $400. When picking out a toilet, you don’t need to bust your wallet but you shouldn’t be too cheap either. If you’re unsure which toilet to pick, check out Flush Guide where they review the best toilets out on the market.

Image by Hill Mitchell Berry Architects via Houzz

8. Piping

With bathroom remodeling one of the imperatives is to check the piping. You’ll achieve nothing if you’ve remodeled the whole bathroom only to later discover you had clogged drains, rotten piping or any other plumbing problem. Consult professionals for blocked drains before undertaking any remodeling.

Once all the remodeling is done add some luxury to the bathroom like a television, candles, plants, makeup section for a better impression. If there is enough space, add a large comfortable chair. Enjoy!

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