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Beauties of Amazonia in 8 Pictures

Amazonia is a area consisting of  a tropical forest, jungle, that covers the most of the South America territory. This region is located around the biggest river in the world, the Amazon River. Amazonia is a area where can be found different kind of flora and fauna. The diversity of the life here is enormous. The placement of Amazonia over the equator and it’s tropical climate allows so different kind of plants to grow here.

Amazonia is known for many things. The first one are the Amazonian Warriors or Amazons. Those were all-female warriors in the Greek Mythology. The Amazon river is full of piranha fish that are spices that have teeth. The crocodiles and big snakes are also very common in the Amazon river. From the other side, the jungle is full of both predators and nice friendly animals. There are man kind of monkeys, parrots, jaguars, cougars and many more. In fact Amazonia 2.5 million insect species, 40000 plant species, 2200 fishes, 1300 birds, 427 mammals, 430 amphibians and 380 reptiles are discovered to live in this area so far.

Lately Amazonia is being deforested and this is the main threat of some of it’s inhabitants to get exterminated. There are many organisations that try to reverse this and return the real look of Amazonia. Here are pictures of its beauty.


Image by CIFOR via Flickr

Image by CIFOR via Flickr


Image by mariusz kluzniak via Flickr

Pudding Moths

Image by Geoff Gallice via Flickr

Monkey Grasshopper

Image by Geoff Gallice via Flickr

Sunset on the Amazon

Image by Pedro Szekely via Flickr

Water Lily

Image by CameliaTWU via Flickr

Ara macao

Image by Matthew Romack via Flickr

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