Beautiful white village Olvera in Spain

Olvera is a wonderful little village situated in the heart of the mountains of Cadiz in Spain. The city itself is a kind of monument, because the specifics of the building and the white houses and alleys that lead upward to the impressive castle and church at the top of the hill.

The hills around the village is full of plantations of olives, of which produces the best olive oil in Andalusia. It is believed that the village got its name because of the large number of trees in the surrounding area. In Olvera live about 8.5 thousand people. If you want this summer to explore some new place and enjoy in the amazind landscapes, old buildings and traditional Spanish food, then we suggest to visit the village Olvera that is one of the most beautiful village from all over the world. Below you can see awesome picture, that will gonna make you to go there with your family and enjoy.

Image by Chris Juden via Flickr

Image by Tomás Fano via Flickr

Image by Jane drumsara via Flickr

Image by Jane drumsara via Flickr

Image by Jane drumsara via Flickr

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