Bedroom Inspiration from 7 Celebrity Homes

The homes of the rich and famous have always been intriguing spaces. Often shrouded in mystery behind 12-foot perimeter fences or hidden away in secluded gated communities. One thing we know for sure however, is if you made it beyond those barriers, you would find some of the finest homes draped in the most indulgent furnishings.

Fortunately for us, HomeAdvisor have created 3D rendered floor plans of seven different celebrities bedrooms. Offering us a glimpse through the keyhole, into these otherwise private realms. Not only does this provide us the chance to see what luxuries unlimited riches can provide, but it offers a unique insight into the varying architectural and design styles that can be found in these revered homes.

1. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

When Harry and Meghan moved to the US, they were leaving the grand stately homes of the UK behind. It is no wonder therefore, that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex settled on the “Chateau of Riven Rock” as their new home. You’d be forgiven for thinking this rustic boudoir was part of a country manor, nestled in the south of France. Primarily because this Santa Barbra home was inspired by the French Provincial style chateaus, with a traditionally muted color palette, large paned windows and ornate wood furnishings throughout.

2. Ariana Grande

In stark contrast to Harry and Meghan, Ariana Grande’s not-so-humble abode is a modernist marvel sitting pride of place atop the Hollywood Hills. True to form, this mansion is made up of floor-to-ceiling windows, strictly straight lines and a gargantuan footprint. The bedroom alone accounts for the whole top floor.

3. Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber

While we might count ourselves lucky if our bedroom has ample storage, a big comfy bed or even an en-suite bathroom, these luxuries are eclipsed by the no-expense-spared interior of Justin and Hailey’s suite. The modern style of the home allows for maximum light to flood into the bedroom and adjoining living spaces. The four-poster bed and freestanding bath are positioned to take full advantage of the ample views on offer, overlooking the Franklin Canyon Reserve below.

4. Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s LA mansion might be mistaken for the ultimate bachelor pad at first glance, but on closer inspection this space is thoughtfully designed and beautifully decorated. The curved glass walls and wood paneling bring new dimensions and textures to the room. Along with various art installations that sit harmoniously amongst the rooms parquet flooring and soft furnishings, creating a very sophisticated environment.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

This elegant bedroom belongs to Jenifer Lawrence and is a perfect portrayal of her decadent LA mansion. The antique armchairs, French windows and chandeliers wouldn’t look out of place in a classic Parisian home. The indulgence carries on into the en-suite bathroom, with a luxurious bath, marble surfaces and you guessed it, more chandeliers.

6. Jennifer Aniston

A non-negotiable feature of any bedroom is for it to be warm and inviting and Jennifer Aniston has achieved this perfectly. The cozy atmosphere is created by ambient lighting, wood paneling and soft furnishings. There are plenty of welcoming spaces to lounge around in this room too, with various comfortable chairs and even beanbags, perfect for cozying up with the dog. But it is the platform bed that draws you in the most, its focal design inviting you to dive right in.

7. Selena Gomez

Last but by no means least is this unique home, owned by Selena Gomez. The farmhouse style mansion is full of charm, with bay windows, sun-drenched verandas and exposed beam ceilings. It’s enormous size is divided nicely by elevated levels within the bedroom, offering open sitting areas and a cozier space for the bed.

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