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Best Beaches You Really Want To Visit In Spain

Although Spain neighbours the Pyrenees in the east and Portugal is right to the west, the landscape is filled with seawater, rock and sand. The weather offers so much sunshine all around the world so it should come as no surprise to notice that millions of beach lovers visit every single year. If you love the beach, Spain is a great bet for a wonderful vacation and the following beaches are those that you have to consider for any vacation.

Costa Del Sol

According to the Travel Tipsor blog, Costa Del Sol is the most beautiful beach that Spain has to offer and one of the best in Europe, if not the best. This is a beach that is definitely overdeveloped with great sand, perfect Mediterranean waters and a lot to offer. The only real problem lies in the fact that it is incredibly popular. Most people that visit Spain and want to visit the beach will go to Costa Del Sol. If you are looking for resorts, the most popular ones are Nerja, Malaga, Torremolinos and Marbella. If you will visit, get ready for a lot of sun, traffic jams that never seem to end, sophisticated restaurants, skyscrapers and filled beaches. There is basically something for everyone there.

Costa Blanca

Valencia is usually connected to Costa Blanca in the mind of visitors but the best resorts are Alicante and Benidorm. They are simply filled with sun seekers that come from northern Europe every single year. While the scenery that you find here is not dramatic, the water is simply perfect and the sand is exactly as you want it to be. Your vacation will almost surely be sunny since there is really low annual rainfall that appears.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava does not have really long sand stretches. It is more serpentine and rockier, ranging between the French border and Barcelona. You can see many sandy bottomed coves and undiscovered beaches. The entire region does have a rocky wilderness sense. The region was basically made popular by Salvador Dali since he owned a villa near Cadaques but now the popularity is growing at a fast pace as people discover the natural beauty offered.

Costa Verde

This region is so different than what you think about when you mention Andalusia. It actually resembles a sunnier version of the western shores of Ireland. The weather is temperate during summer while the rest of the country is incredibly hot. Costa Verde has most of the region inside Asturias province, which features various Romanesque architecture and interesting medieval pilgrimage locations that one can visit. The region was not overwhelmed by tourism so you can expect a more raw experience. The premier resorts that you can consider for a stay are Oviedo and Gijon.

Balearic Islands

Located close to Catatonia, around 45 minutes away by plane from Barcelona, the archipelago constantly attracts urban refugees that want to get away from the sun. The climate here is warmer than on the mainland and many high-rises are present in Palma De Majorca. Other locations are different and if you want a party experience, Ibiza is what you want to consider. Minorca will bring in the isolation that you may desire. On the whole, the Balearic Islands have something for practically everyone, from party lovers to those that want seclusion.

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