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The Best Coffee Shops in London

Though London does not claim the tag of a city with a compulsive coffee culture unlike Melbourne or Vienna, you can get freshly brewed fluffy foamed coffee, which is a serious business in the city.

The favourite coffee shops in London can vary from person to person. But here the effort is made to scan a few from the length and breadth of the city excluding large coffee chains. You will love these are cute coffee outlets as they offer a little quirk.

Look Mum, No Hands!

This is a fascination of all bike fans and the name is brilliant Look Mum, No Hands”. You can at the Old street wonder on the vintage sofas and watch vintage cycling memorabilia while enjoying the super fresh Square Mile coffee.

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Milkbar is in the heart of Soho and can be called the little sister of White Café on Berwick Street.  Here coffee is serious business for the staff and clientele and the place is hipster.

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While in Sacred you will remember the influence of New Zealand’s cafe culture. In its four branches spread across the city you can enjoy the best London Coffee. There is no match for its flat white coffee shop except in Wellington or Auckland.

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Monmouth Coffee

Monmouth Coffee in Covent Garden is the epicenter of loyal coffee lovers and it has branched out to many parts of London at Borough Market and Bermondsey. It has been a London favourite since 1970s. It is special for hand-picking their coffee beans direct from producers and farmers.

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Located on the St Martin’s Lane, Notes is closer to Trafalgar Square. It boasts of its own roastery. The place transforms into a social dining space at night with an enticing wine list.  Adding cheer will be classic movies streamed from the background. This is an excellent choice for some fine music at the hip Covent Garden location.

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For a long time Caravan was the hidden gem of Exmouth Market with a recent second location opening in King’s Cross confirmed themselves as a serious player on London’s coffee scene. Onsite roasteries and blends played up for loyal customers Caravan is a special place in the minds of coffee lovers.

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In Westfield Stratford, Grind evolved as a coffee café with its roots from a drums shop. While the drums did not work out the coffee charmed many and that made promoters fix the focus on coffee.

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