Best Destinations For Traveling By Train

Transportation by train for many may be the last on the list of options when it comes to travel and winning of distant destinations. However, traveling by train opens other horizons, because in a different way you can experience the whole concept. See what are the best European distance in the railway traffic in Europe.

1. Geneva – Milan

The distance between Geneva and Milan is four hours by train. This journey offers spectacular views of Lake Geneva and the alpine scenery captured with eternal snow.

2. Berlin – Moscow

The line passes through the cities of Poznan and Warsaw before the arrival in Belarus and finally to Russia. You will love the winter landscapes, precisely because this is the best tour in the winter days.

3. Helsinki – St. Petersburg

Earlier this trip lasted five, and from 2010 to today last only two hours. Undoubtedly, by the statements of many travelers right here you can find the best service.

4. Sofia – Belgrade

Sleeping you will be able to travel around the Balkan, but then you miss some of the most fascinating views of the Old Continent. This eight-hour trip offers real adventures while you watch the old buildings, Orthodox churches and magnificent landscapes.

5. London – Avignon

This long, beautiful road leads to the south of France where in the past was situated headquarter of the Pope. The train traveling from London every Saturday. On the way you can see the beautiful landscapes of England, as well as rich French vineyards and ancient villages.

If you are a true fan of trains, these relations will enable real pleasure. If you have never travel by train, you really need to do this.

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