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The Best Discount Hotels to Look out for in London

The city of London has always been known by its reputation as a very expensive city to live let alone to stay for a couple of days. With that said, the city is also considerate to all people. You can find places that are perfectly suited for all budgets thanks to the discounts and other special offers that are available especially when it comes to accommodation. Discount hotels do not necessarily mean that the quality of services offered is compromised. In mot cases these hotels offer the same facilities and services it is only that the prices are subsidised to encourage more people to book rooms. Read on to find a complete list of the best discount hotels that are found in London.

Church Street Hotel

Fancy some Latin America environment where you get to sit back and enjoy the facilities on offer? The Church Street Hotel will create the right kind of environment for you. The exuberant hotel is well furnished with fun facilities sitting a lovable establishment. Everything about the hotel will get you grasping for Spanish words. The rooms are decorated with warm Latin colors to keep you engrossed to the establishment. You can enjoy plenty of entertainment joints ranging from lounge bars to restaurants cum tapas bar.

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The hotel owners have borrowed a lot from Le Corbusier. Everything about the hotel has been modernised to go with the demands of their customers. The only traditional aspects about the hotel are the two 19th century townhouses that are found inside the establishment. The floors and the ceiling mirrors are well placed with the aluminum wall coverings offering additional lure to the hotel. The furniture is made out of illuminated glass to give the rooms an extra spark that is always encouraging to the visitors.

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Arosfa Hotel

The most intriguing aspect about the Arosfa Hotel is its choice of residence. The hotel is located in an amazing residence. Before the building transformed into a hotel, it was occupied by John Everett Millais. The residence attracted a bunch of lovers of words as opposed to image lovers. By boarding at this awesome hotel, you also get to enjoy the view of the largest academic bookstore in London which is located directly opposite the Arosfa Hotel. The hotel recently received a face-lift with the bedrooms stunningly decorated. As an addition package, you also get to enjoy the garden outside the establishment.

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Twenty Nevern Square

The hotel boasts of many things among them being more than 20 individually designed rooms. The furniture in the bedroom is hand curved to them that final touch that is pleasing to the eye. The bathrooms can only be described as exquisite with their marble designs which gives them the feeling of a boutique luxury hotel. Located in a quiet garden square, the hotel provides the visitor with a serene environment where they get to enjoy some quiet time while enjoying the amazing views.

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