Best Places In Europe To Travel In 2017

The summer break is just around the corner. The best advice you will ever hear is to visit any place you have never seen before. If you are looking for a good advice about what should be your next stop, those are the three places you should not miss it in 2017.

1. Porto, Portugal

This old Portuguese city calls the attention of the visitors with its architecture, culture, history, gastronomy and beauty over all. The River Douro (river of gold) with its numerous bridges makes it such a beautiful place for a long walks and interesting exploring of the city. Every corner has a story, every building has a special charm. It’s a city that faces the Atlantic Ocean that gives it another special look. Furthermore the beaches nearby are not an exception. You can’t miss the traditional Portuguese food because it’s just one of the numerous reason why you should visit Portugal at least once in your lifetime.

2. Gdansk, Poland

What made Poland such a ‘must’ lately is this awesome city unique for its location. It’s a place full of beauties, mystery and charm. Its spirit it’s what makes it so special leaving you no room to mistaken it for any other city you’ll ever visit. The history, the gastronomy and the architecture are just some other reasons on the list why you should choose exactly Gdansk as your next stop and never regret it.

3. Old town (Stari Grad), Croatia

It seems like the Balkan is becoming more and more famous for the visitors all over the world. If you ever make a plan to visit any Balkan country, your first stop should definitely be Croatia. Not that it’s quite cheaper than the rest of Europe but it offers the visitors views that are literally a food for the eyes and a peace for the soul. This beautiful sea is just another pearl in the Adriatic Sea. It’s located on the island of Hvar and it’s been recognized by UNESCO as a heritage in 2008. It’s an old city with a rich history which celebrates its anniversary of 2.400 years this year.

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