Best Places For A Getaway In October

The fall is just around the corner but the will for travelling never goes away. Almost all the places in the world has a special season when it’s best for the tourists to visit them. As we are in late summer season yet getting ready for the cold winter days, we would like to give you a brief highlight through the best places for a perfect getaway in October.

1. Istanbul, Turkey

The spectacular weather, the city somewhat less crowded than usual, lower rates and Heaven for the senses is the perfect brief description for Istanbul in October. Plus good wine and the incomparable Turkish kitchen; do you really need something more? Well, maybe a good company after all.

Image by Alexxx Malev via Flickr

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2. Richmond, Virginia

The capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia is a highly recommendable place for a getaway in that season of the year. Richmond is the fourth most-populous city in Virginia. The Blue Ridge Mountains nearby in Shenandoah National Park is believed to be one of the best road trips in America.

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3. Nashville, Tennessee

In 2015 Nashville was chosen as one of the Destinations of the year. Even though it is a beautiful place for visiting during whole the year, exactly October might be the month because of the numerous events in the city, the lower temperatures and the colorful look of the city because of the leafs and the season. Definitely an enjoyable place!

Image by Jason Mrachina via Flickr

Image by josh hunter via Flickr

4. Queenstown, New Zealand

If you imagine October as a month with kind of cooler temperatures and maybe a lots of rain, try it harder and come to Queenstown where the flowers will already be in full broom exactly in this period of the year. Some people call it the adrenaline capital of the world for the innumerous skydiver, bungee experiencers, mountain bikers and paragliders that could be seen in here.

Image by Rajeev Rajagopalan via Flickr

Image by Andrea Schaffer via Flickr

5. Botswana, Africa

October is not the most recommendable month for you to visit Botswana only if you are not a fan of the rising temperatures. Otherwise you can enjoy a safari weekend and have the pleasure of meeting some zebras, elephants, giraffes, buffalos or even lions. Where would you rather do this if not here!?

Image by Geof Wilson via Flickr

Image by lwh50 via Flickr

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