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Best Places in Canada to Spend the Winter Holidays

With winter around the corner, it is the perfect time to think about where to go for the holidays to wind down after a busy year. And what better place to go to than the one renowned for its snowy landscapes? Canada is one of the most popular choices for people worldwide, and a good reason. Gorgeous towns and natural reserves dot the country, giving you plenty of options to visit. Let’s discuss some unique places in Canada to spend the winter holidays.

About Canada’s winters

Before we begin, you should know when the best time is to plan your holiday trip to Canada. Canada’s winter months are from December to February, with January being the coldest month. That makes January the best month to plan your holiday trip.

The festive events begin starting from the middle of December and last until early January. That is why January is the best month for your winter holiday vacation. In addition, Canada always has unique experiences to offer, not just for the winter holidays; after the holiday events come ice festivals followed by an ice fishing season. So, what are the best places in Canada to spend the winter holidays?

Banff National Park

Banff is among the best and most popular winter resorts in Canada. This gorgeous national park offers everything you would expect from beautiful Canadian landscapes. With their snow-covered tops, the great Canadian Rockies provide amazing sights and ski paths to enjoy. Banff also has many artificial and natural ice rinks, hiking paths across the mountain, and even ice walks.

The closest airport to Banff is in Calgary. There is an hour-and-a-half-long drive to the national park from the airport, so make sure to find transportation. You can easily rent a car or catch public transport directly to Banff from the airport.


If you prefer to spend your winter holidays somewhere more urban, then why choose one of Canada’s most gorgeous cities in winter, Calgary? The city is often the starting point for people traveling to Banff, but many choose not to go any farther once they see what Calgary offers.

Many people have even decided to make Calgary their new home after their incredible holiday experience here. Most city attractions begin right during the winter season, giving you the perfect opportunity for a holiday trip. One of the central city attractions is the Calgary Tower which provides an incredible vista of the snow-covered city. In the town, there are plenty of restaurants, festive shops, holiday decorations, and concerts all over. One can even do many outdoor activities at the Olympic Park and Fish Creek Provincial Park within the city.

If you, too, start considering moving to this beautiful city, consider hiring movers that do cross-country moving in Canada. That will allow you and your items to reach the area stress-free and on time.

Jasper National Park

Another incredible national park is Jasper. It is, in fact, the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, spanning over eleven thousand square kilometers. With such a massive area, winter activities are almost limitless.

If you ever wanted to experience how people used to traverse these snow-covered lands hundreds of years ago, there is dog sledding and snowshoeing for you to try out. Among other unique winter experiences, you can also try ice climbing at the Maligne Canyon. Just prepare beforehand and bring everything you might need to enjoy the vacation in peace.


The capital city of Alberta. One can never go wrong with Edmonton when choosing a place to spend the winter holidays. This already beautiful city gets even better during the holidays when it transforms into a winter paradise.

You will find many festive decorations in every corner of Edmonton. One of the most famous events is the Ice Castles festival which starts in late December.

One thing you shouldn’t miss when visiting Edmonton in winter is dining in winter igloos at the Riverside Bistro. A truly unique and memorable experience.

The ever-increasing population of Edmonton is a safe indication of the popularity of this city. Canada is well-known for its excellent living conditions, and Edmonton is no different. Should you fall in love with this city on your winter vacation, consider when you would plan your move. The experts at Centennial Moving advise moving during warmer seasons when there is less snow. Although it might be less scenic, it is much safer to wait for the winter to pass and plan your move in spring or summer.

Blue Mountain Resort

Located just a short drive from Toronto, this incredible resort offers services all year round. However, it is in winter when it shines the most. Tons of outdoor activities become available here during the winter season. The ski lifts start operating to carry skiers and snowboarders up many beautiful slopes. There are ice skating rinks and hiking trails that allow you to explore the gorgeous landscape of Blue Mountain.

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There are multiple hotels with different costs to accommodate all kinds of budgets. In addition, the parking at all the accommodations is free, so you can even drive there yourself. Put Blue Mountain Resort on your list of places in Canada to spend the winter holidays in.

Final thoughts

Canada is an incredible country to explore and spend the winter holidays in. Both its cities and national parks provide something unique and unforgettable for you to experience with each visit. Therefore, plan your perfect vacation and research all Canada has to offer. Or, you can try and visit a new location every winter season. Whatever you choose, these are some of the best places in Canada to spend the winter holidays.

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