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Best places to shop in Jaipur

Jaipur is a city that has something for everybody. Whether it be lovely, exorbitant sights for wandering travellers, treks full of adrenaline rush for adventure hungry travellers, or extravagantly dressed and beautiful items to buy for those looking forward to take back a piece of these memories with them.

For these tourists wishing to relish the multifariously colored and decorated shops and markets of Jaipur, we have compiled a list of the best places to shop in Jaipur.

Johari Bazaar

The oldest market in Jaipur, it is a rightful representation of the ancient culture treasure of Rajasthan. Spread over a healthy amount of land and covered with a running, endearing maze of streets full of lovely products. It is a haven for jewelry lovers as it has shops housing a range of multicolored, fashionable and exquisite jewelry. Extravagantly designed Kundan Stone jewelry, fine gold bangles and other artificial and natural stones are easily available here on a grand scale. Ardent jewelry buyers can also easily bargain here for getting  a best price deal, and take home a piece of the extraordinary heritage of Rajasthan. If winter season be approaching, do take home one of the best selling and lovingly designed, Jaipuri Quilts.

Image by Travis Wise via Flickr

Tripoliya Bazaar

Laden with the rich cultural charm of Jaipur and the stories of its lionhearted warriors, Tripoliya bazaar is filled with the traditional diversity and exudes cultural pride. Even if you don’t wish to shop, just taking a stroll here will let you know all about the cultural credence of Rajasthan. Its lovely indo-heratic themed carpets and stunning lac jewelry will definitely make you think twice!

Image by Olga via Flickr

Gaurav Tower

An interesting mix of dining courts, family entertainment and leisure experiences, GT, as it is locally called, is a hub for local and extravagant shopping experiences. FRom top national or international brands to local heritage, this mall has it all. If you have children along, this is the place to go as it has an extravagant, in top shape game zone having multiple virtual games for the kids.

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Bapu Bazaar

It is rightfully called the hub of shopping experiences in Jaipur. Filled with lividity and an extravagant range of traditional Rajasthani products, this market has it all when it comes to shopping for utility. Leather and Mojari are the specialities of this Market. The traditional sarees, lehengas and quilts here match with the best of brands and exude a special cultural reverence. A must have shopping experience for tourists and travellers.

Image by David Welch via Flickr

Nehru Bazar

The perfect traditional market for hand-crafted hosiery and textiles, Nehru Bazaar is one place where you’ll find all kinds of rajasthani hand crafted bags, clothes, purses and other textiles. Also, the traditional “chameli” perfumes and Rajasthani Jooti are a must buy for every tourists. This market, as called by the locals, is the real heart and soul of Jaipur’s cultural trip.

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With all these attractive markets to shop at, attractive places to visit, vivid things to do, mouthwatering, exotic and Rajasthani dishes to eat; Jaipur is a must visit for every travel hungry backpacker. The enthusiastic locals and rich, exemplary culture footprint of this city is par excellence.

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