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Best Places to Teach Overseas

Traveling has been a really huge fad especially among millennials – especially since the boom of social media. However, traveling to other countries is not as easy as it seems, but there is a way to do so while having a career.

One easy means is to teach overseas, through which you can earn an income while traveling around the world.

Reasons to Teach Abroad

Other than being a source of income, funding and for fulfilling travel desires, teaching abroad can be rewarding in many different ways. Below are 4 major points as to why you should definitely consider taking it on as a career.

You are needed

There are literally countless of teaching offers worldwide, given the ever-increasing population of the youth and the need for more educators, especially in language courses.

No need to worry about expensive travel and living costs

Many academic institutions looking for international aid in the workforce offer fairly high salaries and great benefits, which include travel expenses, housing support, insurances, tuition remission and retirement funds.

You can achieve significant professional development

Teaching abroad can be a huge credential and may increase your employment opportunities in the future, should you find yourself seeking a new professional and learning environment.

Not to mention, the vast diversity of cultures and disciplines you will encounter from being colleagues with other foreign employees will surely contribute to improving your proficiencies relative to your career.

You can work on your personal development

Among others, opportunities such as expanding your knowledge in history and general information, learning new languages, immersing yourself in new cultures, honing relevant skills and talents and simply living independently may help you grow and change for the better.

The Best Places to Teach

If you are looking to teach overseas check here for 5 of the possible teaching destinations you should consider:


Probably the pick of the litter, Vietnam is a popular country among ESL teachers, owing mainly to its growing number of academic institutions focusing on the instruction of the English language as well as the increasing demand for English-speaking graduates.

The popular geographic location is one remarkable bonus; with Vietnam’s multiple tourist attractions, foreign teachers can simultaneously teach and travel for leisure.

South Korea

This particular Korean territory consistently strives to advance national growth in all possible ways. Allowing students to have a good command of the English language mean they will enjoy more career opportunities, not just domestically, but also globally. Accordingly, foreign ESL teachers find a great deal of teaching job positions in the country.


Just like Vietnam, South Korea and any other Asian country, the demand for an English instruction in the educational system in China has been growing for the past years. Today, curriculum in international schools, as well as in private, local and government-owned academic institutions, are oriented toward students’ language proficiency.

United Arab Emirates

The majority of job listings in UAE may concern more engineering and accountancy graduates than teachers, but a lot of language academies as well as private and public schools in the country are always in need of experienced international instructors.

With a minimum of a two-year contract, you are able to earn while spending most of your days wandering about the splendid and vast deserts exalted in the Middle East.


Chile is among the lot of South American countries that actually teem with foreign teachers in language courses and basic programs, alike.

However, the reason it is one of the best teaching destinations in the continent is that its government fully approves of the system of employing English-speaking foreigners to take care of the language studies of their students. What’s more, they enforce ways to streamline foreign employees’ application process for the benefit of its students and academic institutions.

Requirements and Qualifications

Actual job applications start with knowing whether you are qualified to teach in a program abroad to begin with. For your review, the basic or common requirements and qualifications to bear in mind when applying for an overseas teaching job are as follows:

Although meeting the foregoing items may already land you a teaching job abroad, further requirements are usually set by most international academic institutions.


By teaching overseas, you can not only live out your dream of traveling, but also experience a variety of fulfilling benefits.

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