Best Places to Enjoy the Autumn Landscapes

As the autumn is on our doors, we start to think of making winter supplies like pickles and some sweets, we think about tea, hot coffee, taking out our loved sweaters from our closets, but most of all we enjoy taking pictures of the incredible autumn landscapes. Some trees gets yellow, some orange and some red, but the evergreen trees keeps the green color to add a special effect in the hot color tones.

Because of the beauty of the autumn, we recommend you some places in the worlds where you can enjoy the autumn and its beauty on a high level.

Gloucestershire, Great Britain

If you have a chance to visit Westonbirt, The National Arboretum in Gloucestershire be sure to visit it in autumn. It is a collection with all kind of trees that gets it shine in autumn.


In Japan there is a word “koyo” which means autumn leaves. From the mid September every year, almost all of Japan is painted in golden-orange colors which can be seen till the end of November.

South Island, New Zealand

The autumn here comes a bit later, but the views are worth to be seen even though we should wait till mid April. The trees gets colored in yellow and the views are especially beautiful near rivers and seas.

Bled Lake, Slovenia

It is well known that one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, the Bled Lake is bordered with forests, which trees are certainly breathtaking in autumn. The amazing landscape is complemented with the church that was built in 17 century, built on a cliff.

Bavaria, Germany

The mountains, lakes and forests south from Munich are something magical. There you can see even the pines getting yellow, in a not so bright tone. Anyways if you don’t wanna miss the Oktoberfest, then the gardens in Munich would be enough to enjoy the autumn beauties in this part of Germany.

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