Best Places to Visit on a Private Jet

Flying a private jet has many advantages; it means your trip can be personalised entirely to your timings and your destination. It gives you the ability to access private resorts and hidden destinations with faster flight times. Your actual journey is in luxury and comfort with champagne, more comfortable seating, and a personal one to one service that cannot be beaten. One of the most significant advantages of a private jet is the fact that some of the most amazing hidden gems in the world are only accessible by this mode of transport. So, if you are going to hire a private jet where in the world should you go? We look at some of the best private jet travel destinations across the globe.

Norman’s Cay, Bahamas

The Bahamas is always a popular destination choice; it is absolutely stunning, has an amazing climate that is almost always sunny, and features brilliant white sandy beaches with crystal clear topaz waters. Of course, this makes it a much-in-demand destination, so the most accessible islands are often crowded with tourists. Norman’s Cay has no charter airline landing facilities and is only available using private jets, making it a fascinating island to visit. The island once played home to the Medellin Cartel, who were famous drugs smugglers that came from Colombia. Rest assured they have now gone, and you are perfectly safe, and the island is owned by The Four Seasons owners in Miami, and they have developed an exclusive resort. Of course, you can arrive at the island by boat or Turboprop, but they have now improved this to create a private jet runway making this the perfect destination. One thing you must see while you are there is a plane that crashed during the 1980s and still lays in the shallow water untouched. The resort has everything you could possibly need, so whether you want to recline by the pool or head out onto the beaches you will enjoy a luxurious break in a quiet, undiscovered area.

Lanai, Hawaii

Sometimes referred to as pineapple island, this is another destination that is only accessible by a private jet. Once upon a time, the plantation on the island was responsible for producing over 75% of the pineapples in the world. It is a smaller Hawaiian island which makes it the ideal getaway destination where you will not be overwhelmed by other tourists. Today the island is owned by Larry Ellison who is the co-founder of Oracle. It comes as no surprise that this is a popular destination for celebrities, and it is rumoured that Cindy Crawford and Jessica Alba particularly like spending time here. They always fly in on a private plane because there is no direct service using charter airlines from America. To access it on a commercial service one must either fly to Honolulu or Kahului which is found on the nearby island of Maui. You would then need to transfer either by taking a transfer plane or using the ferry service, and this takes 45 minutes, so it is much simpler to fly on a private plane and land on the island’s strip. Again, you are looking at a destination that offers stunning weather, fantastic scenery and plenty of space to get away from it and laze in the sand. Alternatively, you can choose to stay in the exclusive island resort, and spend your time in the spa, sauna, or by the side of the pool while waiting for your massage.

St Bart’s, Caribbean

There really is something to be said for destinations that make the most of the sunshine. Known as the millionaire’s playground St Bart’s is the perfect destination for arriving by private jet. The only other way to access this paradise is by flying to St Maarten and using the shuttle plane or boat service. It is undoubtedly a landing you will remember, as the plane descends over an extremely steep hilltop and if you are taking advantage of the sun on the beach, you may also find a departing flight taking off right over your head. With such an unusually placed landing strip, this means that there are very few aircraft allowed to use the airport. Private jets do fall into that category so make the most of this amazing location. Whether you like swimming or sunbathing, snorkelling or exploring the local area, there is plenty to do, and you will be rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous who simply love this island.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Leaving the tropical sun, another unique destination is St Moritz in Switzerland. Popular with skiers of all abilities this is another destination that is most easily accessed using a private charter. Using commercial airlines, you would have to fly to Zurich and take a 3-hour road trip. The nearest airport is Samedan which has no runway suitable for commercial flights and only access to private jets. From here you just have a short 15-minute drive to reach St Moritz. The resort offers impressive skiing, with plenty of challenging slopes for experienced skiers and some baby slopes for those who are just learning. The whole resort has a hint of glamour and impressive après ski which is frequented by the Swedish Royal family among other rich and famous guests. If you don’t mind wrapping up warm and snuggling down in front of the fire in the evenings, then this is an amazing destination that is definitely worth chartering a private flight for.

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