Best Places to Visit During the Summer In the U.S.

No matter what kind of vacation spot you are looking for – be it boardwalks that for  entertainment, shopping, and dining, beaches, or mountains – you will definitely find it within the U.S. Here are the destinations that you should consider visiting:

Oahu, Hawaii

For the ultimate vacation in the U,S., consider a visit to Hawaii. A paradise for watersports, with its beautiful  beaches, this beautiful island of all is the site of  the Pearl Harbor attack, so there are many interesting historical sites.  You can get a inside look of Polynesian life and culture; read more about Oahu’s theme park and  living museum to see if this popular vacation destination appeals to you. There is so much to see on Oahu and the other Hawaiian islands that you should consider all inclusive vacation packages that will introduce you to  the most  memorable sites  at a fixed cost.

Tucson, Arizona

Although Tucson gets hot in the summer, with temperatures of up to 100, it is also much quieter during this time. You can hike during the evening in places such as Mount Lemmon, which has a 90,000-foot summit enjoy  weather up there that  is 30 degrees cooler. This place boasts some of the best courtyard dining and when darkness falls, it is cool enough to sit anywhere.

The most compelling reason to visit Tucson in the summer is the great deals during the off-season months. In the summer, you will find cheap meals and hotel rooms that would be expensive at any other time.

Santa Barbara, California

This is Los Angeles’ smaller and calmer neighbor with perfect temperatures all through the year. The ample hiking opportunities, ocean breezes, and stroll-able downtown make Santa Barbara an ideal summer destination. If you are looking for the best sunset in the city, you should head to Butterfly Beach as locals claim it has the best sunset view.

Aside from being a classy upscale spot, this city has a grungier side with stores and hip eateries, which have popped up in an Area known as the Funk Zone.

Ithaca, New York

Just like most places with long winters, the area known as the Finger Lakes comes to life during the summer, providing locals with bountiful wines to taste, fresh produce, and trails to hike. This pedestrian-friendly college town is filled with high quality restaurants and assorted colleges. You can dine outside at the Moosewood Restaurant, which is a well-known location that started out as a vegetarian communal.

Oregon Coast

This area is lush, misty, and temperate all through the year. Moreover, it has Pacific breezes, which make it a great place to visit during the summer. You will come across a number of hiking trails, called Three Capes Scenic Loop that will take you through damp forests and dramatic ocean views.

San Juan Islands, Washington

Although you probably know how lush this location is, you need to visit it to experience San Juan’s true magic. Despite being remote, these islands are close to the city of Seattle, which comes alive during the summer. Although San Juan Islands are busier during the summer, this just means that you can enjoy several farmers’ markets. Moreover, this location is a cyclist’s paradise, so if you are looking for a place to take a leisurely ride, San Juan is the place to be.

Northern Vermont

Although this location is mostly a paradise for skiers during the winter, you should not overlook it during the summer. If you are looking for a location that offers a cosmopolitan, woodsy, and eclectic vibe, you should visit the Green Mountains. The Green Mountains in Northern Vermont have the best trailing, hiking, and hotel deals.

Before you make up your mind, you need to read more about the region. After a long, tiring day outdoors, you can relax in one of the lovely resorts in the area.

Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Visitors usually flock to Cape Cod in the summer. However, if you want a quieter alternative to this, you should visit Wellfleet.  The waters by the bay are great for several water sports such as kayaking and wading. You can bike and hike along several miles of the seashore or see some fascinating marine life.

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