What Are The Best Places For Whale Watching In The Hawaii?

Are you planning for some adventurous excursion with your family this summer? Then Hawaii brings some its best holiday destinations for whale watching in Kauai and some of their mind-boggling activities. The Humpback Whales also called the kohola Whales who find the Hawaiian Islands to be their favorite destination.

Scientists have claimed that two-thirds of the Hawaii Whale population return to the place to breed and foster their off-springs. After covering a long journey all the way from the Gulf of Alaska the Hawaii Whales like indulging a lengthy vacation with their families in Hawaii, and like entertaining the tourists by their frequent plunges inside and outside the water.

The adult males are usually 40 to 50 feet tall can weigh up to 50 tons altogether. But despite enormous size Humpback Whales are excellent acrobats and astound people by showcasing their dives followed by the phenomenal splash of water So, if you are one of those who is tired of exploring forests, hills, and sea sides, Hawaii islands can be a perfect destination for you. So, let’s check out what are some of the best Hawaii destinations to get the finest sights of these wonderful creatures.

Which is the best Hawaii destination for watching Whales??

Although these spectacular Humpback Whales can be watched from almost every Hawaiian island, but a narrow Auau channel between Molokai and Maui and Lanaiis one of the best destinations for whale watching Kauai. One can also have a glimpse of the Whales from the Southern Shores of Oahu, particularly from the Makapuu Lighthouse accompanied by the Leahi(Diamond Head)

The Kauai island has a wide array of places from where one is likely to get some of the best view of the kohola Whales including that of the Kilauea and the Poipu beach. In the Hawaii islands The Whales mostly seen near the Hilo Bay and Kohala Beach. Another great site to watch the Whales is the Puukohola Heiau Historic site near Kawaihae Harbor. In Hawaiian literally means ‘hills of the Whales’

Watching by boat

Watching these majestic creatures from boats is one of the most indelible experiences one is likely to get. You have to know the whale watching kauai best time to enjoy to the fullest. But experts and tour guides advise to maintain a reasonable distance of at least 100 yard order to avoid any fatal repercussion.

The Cultural importance of Hawaii’s Whales

The locals of Hawaii are aware of the great cultural significance related to these humpback whales. A flurry of legends and myths are surrounding these creatures leaving a generous amount of curiosity to take back home, Grapevine has it that, are born in the Hawaiian water itself as kamaaina (native). So the Whales are also considered to be the local guardians of the Hawaiian people, hence, they are treated respectfully by the Hawaiian locals.

Some Hawaii islands worth watching

Apart from Whale watching there are also places which one must visit indispensably. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Waimia, Hilo are some of the destinations one can certainly be visiting during their visit to Hawaii.

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