The best street food destinations near Victoria railway station

Tourists visiting London definitely want to be able to find the best places to eat as the city has so many world cuisines to offer. Another thing that it excels at is providing great street food destinations that have first-class dishes for foodies to enjoy. A wonderful place to visit is Tachbrook Street Market that is in the Pimlico area of the city, close to Victoria station. It offers meat, fish, cheeses, fruit and vegetables, as well as delicious hot street food that include Japanese, Thai, Spanish and vegetarian meals. This is a traditional London street market that opens every day expect for Sundays offering a wonderfully lively atmosphere.

Another top destination to venture to is Leather Lane that is a historic street that on week days has many market stalls. They offer clothes, scarves, accessories and shoes, as well as a range of street food including Korean, Spanish, Moroccan, English pies and also some very tasty coffee. This market is around 400 years old so it carries with it a certain heritage that makes it a very special place to visit. Exmouth Market is found near Farringdon that is easy to reach from Victoria, and is a great place to head for lunch. It is open on Monday to Friday between 12pm to 3pm and has many amazing artisan food stalls. It offers cuisines from around the world including Ghanaian, Thai, Indian, Mexican and French food.

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Travellers wanting to stay in this part of London should pick the wonderful Astors Victoria Hotel that is a spectacular residence at the heart of the city. It is based on a peaceful, tree-lined road that has many top restaurants and cafes. This luxury accommodation is one of the best hotels near Victoria Coach Station allowing travellers to easily get around the capital and the rest of the country. The beautiful hotel rooms are air-conditioned and have a range of top modern amenities such as a flatscreen television, Wi-Fi internet and a telephone.

London is full of fantastic food markets and tourists will adore heading to these destinations as they will get to discover something special. They can find out about a part of London that may not be on the tourist trail, and also get to try some very tasty food. Maltby Street Market is another place that is perfect for travellers to head to for some delicious cuisine. Found in the vibrant area of Bermondsey it is found under some railway arches and has become a very popular place to go over the years. Open on Saturdays and Sundays it offers unique British dishes and the opportunity to try stall products including tasty cheeses and meats.

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Visiting London means that tourists need to definitely see the best food markets and one of the greatest is Borough Market. It is certainly one of the most famous destinations and has many gourmet delights that tourists will adore, especially as traders provide samples of their produce. This is the capital’s oldest market and is naturally the busiest with special meats, artisan cheeses as well as fish, bread and a range of beverages. Travellers heading here will not get bored of what is on offer, and will be very excited by the buzz surrounding them.

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