San Francisco is an awesome destination no matter what your age, but for those travelling with kids, it’s especially fun and exciting. The small size of this city, along with it’s very few tall buildings, makes it less of a daunting place to explore for little ones when compared with some of the other main cities in the USA. San Francisco is also packed full of family-friendly activities, tourist attractions and key destinations which will ensure that you have a fun-filled family vacation that won’t be forgotten about for a long time. We’ve put together some of the best things for families to check out in San Francisco.

The Best Things to Do On a Family Trip to San Francisco

Ride a Cable Car

Both kids and adults alike will love seeing the sights of San Francisco from one of the city’s iconic cable cars. An old fashioned mode of transportation that’ve been around since the nineteenth century, San Francisco’s cable cars are a fun and novel way to get around the city. Kept alive by the public’s enthusiasm over the years, cable car rides aren’t just awesome fun, they’re also fantastic for getting around when little feet start getting tired.

The Best Things to Do On a Family Trip to San Francisco

See the Golden Gate Bridge

You’re never too young or old to take in the splendor of the world’s most famous bridge. On your family trip to San Francisco, don’t forget to take plenty of family photos that you can treasure forever at this iconic landmark. Spanning an impressive 1.7 miles, there’s a footpath that you can use to walk across the bridge if you want to take in all the amazing views of the city as you cross.

The Best Things to Do On a Family Trip to San Francisco

Golden Gate Park

There’s something for everybody to do in Golden Gate Park, with attractions, events, a museum, an aquarium, and even a carousel. Those with older kids might also want to take part in some of the many sporting activities on offer at the park; including basketball, horseback riding, and biking to name just a few. After a fun-filled few hours, you can relax at the Elk Glen picnic area, located in a shady, grassy meadow just across from Mallard Lake.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is one of the best destinations in San Francisco for families, located on the city’s west perimeter just outside Golden Gate. The long, flat stretch of sand is perfect for little ones to play, so come prepared with buckets and spades, beach balls and a kite to fly. There are plenty of water sport activities on offer as well; you’ll see people surfing, kite-sailing and skim-boarding. However, be careful about going into the water – it’s cold and has very strong currents, so it’s definitely not recommended to play or swim in the sea at Ocean Beach. There are also a couple of nice family-friendly restaurants and cafes on the beach, and there’s the Camera Obscura – a funny-looking little building that houses a giant camera.

The Best Things to Do On a Family Trip to San Francisco

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