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The Best Tips for RVing Cross Country

There is only one way to truly travel from one coast to another, and no it is not by airplane. RVing is the best way to see the entire country while traveling and it can also present an entirely new dimension on how you view the world around you. However, before you pack up the kids and the pets, there are some simple road tips to make your RV cross country trip more enjoyable.


It is imperative that you budget for your trip so you will not be broke before you make it to the Mississippi River. To prevent this from happening, the first thing that you will need to do is find a travel planning website. This type of site will calculate your estimated mileage for your trip.

After getting the mileage, you will need to use an online fuel calculator. You will know your estimated gas or diesel bill for your trip. If you want to make it even easier, you can look for the cheapest prices along the route you are planning to take. Stop at those gas stations to fill up and save a few bucks.

There are other essentials that you will need to consider when looking at the overall cost of your trip. For example, how many nights will you be staying at Bryce Canyon Camping RV park? Or, if you choose to stay at a hotel or motel each night, how much will that cost you?

Finally, factor in other expenses like food, toiletries, entrance fees, and consumables. Budget templates and spreadsheets can help make the process easier.

Minimal Planning

Part of the fun of traveling on the road is the things that occur at each destination. While planning a trip helps to ensure you have a smoother cross country trip, the most memorable trips are those that include little surprises along the way. For example, take some time off the path to visit locals or discover hidden treasures along a walking trail.

It is also important to remember that even some of the best-planned cross-country trips can have a few snags along the way. Flat tires, road closures, or sold out camping sites are just some of the issues you may experience along the way. If the inevitable happens during your trip, try to remain calm and keep a positive attitude to make the most of a bad situation.

Do Not Be in a Rush

Expect it to take you at least two weeks to get across the country, and even if you beat your expectations by a few days, it is always best to plan for too many days instead of not enough. In other words, do not trade speed for the experiences of traveling by RV. The more time you have, the longer you can hang out in some of the most important landmarks and attractions in the country.

Hopefully, these tips will encourage you to go RVing across the country. Start planning the ultimate trip of your life.

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