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Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in South Carolina on Vacation

South California is a place bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. It is one of the most engaging tourist attractions, from beaches, thriving cities, national forests, traditional villages, to Charleston area attractions. The high-quality water perks, stage shows, golf course, and fashionable holiday resorts are a few things to explore in Charleston’s streets. Visit the fort in Charleston harbor, where the civil war began. Whatever you chose to visit in southern California, you will enjoy every moment.

1. Charleston’s Historic District

Get immersed in the Charleston atmosphere, which has 1400 historic churches, homes, and other buildings. A ride in the carriage will give you an overview of the place, or you can also take a walking tour in the streets of antebellum. Do not forget to watch the basket ladies of the Charleston city market weaving a long-cherished tradition, a sweetgrass basket.

2. South Carolina Plantations

It is a dream come true to take a walk in the South Carolina Plantations ground with 2000 plus plants. The spectacular sand and historic homes are spread across the city. The oldest landscaped garden in America is Middleton Place, fully furnished in the original style, and looks unique. Boone Hall Plantation is the oldest one, operating as a working farm to date. Drayton Hall is an unrestored plantation house that opens for tourists.

3. Myrtle Beach

Retreat to the pristine sands is the most popular things to do in South Carolina. The beachside gives the most appealing with musical shows and Broadwalk. The Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel takes tourists on a 10-min ride above the beach. The Broadwalk at Myrtle Beach is the most significant entertainment and shopping spot, with gulf course, dining, specialty shops, pedestrian-only area, movies, and more.

4. Caesars Head State Park

Look at the most scenic and exciting spot from Caesars Head State Park in southern California. A gigantic rock named Caesars Head overlooks the entire Piedmont region that is just below it. Overnight camping, fishing, spotting hawks migrating are a few things to experience in the park.

5. Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach has more than 300 bird species and also has an alligator at the freshwater lakes. If you visit in September, go to the former Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington residents to watch the Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival.

6. Pawleys Island

It is a slice of paradise where you kick back on the beautiful beaches to unwind. If you are in search of South Carolina getaway, Pawleys Island is the spot. Here the appealing thing is the golf courses, which also offer unparalleled sea views.

7. South Carolina State Museum, Columbia

It is the largest with four floors of exhibits and includes science, art, culture, and history of South Carolina. It is the most famous place for young tourists as it features a planetarium, a science theatre, and changing special exhibits.

8. Greenville

It is an excellent place to spend a weekend with your family as it combines both educational and artsy attractions, and also different outdoor activities. Walk in the pedestrian-friendly downtown or do some shopping. Enjoy Greenville Symphony Orchestra while taking a walk. If you are interested in joining them, go ahead. It is the best place in the town to spend your weekend.

9. Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, Columbia

If you are not satisfied by looking at koala cubs and kangaroo joeys, Riverbanks Zoo is where you can look at 2000 other animals of 350 species. Staring from ostriches to zebras, African lions, giraffes, Siberian tigers, North American species, meerkats, elephants, bears, baboons, you can see everything here. The zoo also has a botanical garden where you can take a walk.

10. Spartanburg

This place is packed with historical attractions and is wealthy in outdoor and cultural activities. While walking, you can also listen to music or can visit the art museum. Do not miss touring BMW Zentrum and the manufacturing plant. Nature lovers can also enjoy biking, hiking, as well as walking trails with their loved ones.

PegasusRacer28 / CC BY-SA

11. Greenville Zoo

The unique feature of this zoo is it includes family adventures, as well as overnight stays. You can visit the monkeys, toucans, leopards, elephants who have their home in Greenville zoo. It also has various other exotic animal species.

Tony Crescibene / CC BY

Get ready to visit South Carolina!

It’s time to plan a trip to South Carolina. By the time you finish reading this blog, you will be existed to visit the place. Do not forget to take your camera with you; otherwise, you might miss capturing the memories. Explore the streets of South Carolina by taking a walk at the most beautiful tourist places. Irrespective of the sites mentioned above, several other areas are also there. If you get time, do not forget to visit those places.

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