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Best Tourist Places in Thailand

Thailand is a land of exotic, cultural and historic importance. There are many beaches and beautiful temples to visit in Thailand. With plenty of appetising cuisine, enthralling culture and tropical climate, it is one of the most visited tourist places. You will be able to walk in the thick forests or swim in the ocean here. It is a safe and budget friendly destination to travel. It has the best amenities and infrastructure.

It is a country in South-East Asia and quite a popular tourist destination. You will be able to find everything as per your interest and budget. This country is able to retain its unique culture in spite of a large number of tourists flocking there. The general public is carefree and popular for their smile. It provides you with an opportunity for an adventurous trip. The best season to visit this country is November to April.

The biggest challenge is to narrow down the list of best places in Thailand. This will ensure that you are not missing any of the popular tourist places in Thailand.


Erawan Falls is one of the famous spots in Western Thailand. This national park is open throughout the year and is open for visitors.

Religious places

It is a Buddhist nation. There are a lot of majestic and glittering temples in both rural and city areas. Apart from these temples, there are many cave shrines and hilltop temples.

Game and entertainment centres

There are many game and entertainment centres in Thailand.  It includes a wide variety to choose from, such as shooting ranges, playgrounds, amusement parks, movie theatres and miniature golf clubs. Outdoor activities such as diving, scuba diving, rock climbing and snorkelling are quite popular in Thailand. Besides these, you can horn your skills in diving, cooking, meditation, Kick boxing and many more.

Floating Market

These markets are available outside the city. It provides you with a distinct shopping experience while giving you a glimpse of shopping culture of the area before the canals were filled. These markets are a vital source of tasty food supply and meeting place for the community. It also has an economical importance.

Weekend Market at Chatuchak

It is the largest weekend market with about 8000 stalls. It has a wide range of products from clothes to furniture. There are plenty of restaurants available to relish mouth-watering cuisine. There are live music shows and dancing to keep you entertained while shopping.

Sukhothai Historical Park

This park contains the ruins of the kingdom during the 14th century.  This park comprises of a large area which includes the ruins of historical importance, the palace and temples. There is a museum named Ramkhamhaeng National Museum to know more about the Sukhothai culture and fascinating facts about them.

Beaches and Islands

There are ample of beach resorts and marine national parks in Thailand. Some of the most popular beaches include Pattaya, Hua Hin Beach and Ko Samui. The resorts and hotels near these areas are fully packed during weekends and holidays. It is advisable to make advance bookings for a hassle free stay at the beaches. Another famous spots is the Koh Phi Phi, also known as Monkey Beach.  Long Beach is also famous for the sunset view. This beach is on an island, and a must-experience here is to go for a leisurely walk when there are no rising tides. These beaches are also popular for their adventurous water sports such as snorkelling and diving. Many resorts and guesthouses are available near the beaches. Tour packages are also available for these beach destinations in Thailand. You can even opt for secluded islands to spend time.


Bangkok is the city where all the international travellers start their journey in this country.  To begin with, you can start with the Grand Palace. The Grand Palace is an amazing blend of architecture and historical significance. Apart from this palace, there are many other worth-visiting sites nearby. They include the Emerald Buddha Temple, the Temple of Dawn and various other relics of historical importance. The Temple of Dawn is a very famous tourist attraction. People flock to this temple for the beautiful sunset views.


There are a large number of Art museums, galleries, history museums and military museums. These museums serve as the best source to know about the history and culture of this area.

 National Parks

Thailand has many national parks as there are protected areas of land where these animals can roam freely in  their natural habitat. The largest national park is the Kaeng Krachan National Park. From endangered plant and animal species to almost all types of marine species, these national parks inhabit a wide range of flora and fauna.   It is also a favourite spot for bird watchers in Asia. The ideal time for bird watchers is during the month of March and April. However, the birds can be seen throughout the year, apart from the ones that migrate to other lands after March and April.  Out of the total 127 national parks, there are about 22 parks dedicated to marine life.

The best time to visit national parks is during the rainy season. This is the time when the animals don’t wander in distant places in search of food and water. You will be able to explore all national parks properly. Along with the flora and fauna, you will also be able to view small streams of water and witness beautiful waterfalls. The only problem during rainy season, as the region is wet, are a large number of leaches. If you are looking for an adventurous tour like a hiking trip, the ideal season is during the winter.

To sum up, Thailand is an attractive tourist spot that will cater to the diverse interests and budget requirements. You can relish yummy foods, trek, shop, national parks and visit places of historical importance, glittering temples and beaches. It is an ideal location for a vacation with some memorable and adventures trips amidst the exotic natural flora and fauna of the region.

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