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Blue Lagoon – True Natural Spa Indulgence in Iceland

“Blue Lagoon” Iceland is the perfect place where you can completely relax and forget the daily obligations. Centre offers its guests a variety of amenities: sauna, massage, geothermal spas. A wonderful spa center with its natural beauty, daily attracts tourists from around the world. With amazing sights breathtaking, “Blue Lagoon” is a real paradise on earth. If you want to explore some new place and enjoy in the beauty that mother nature has created only for us then definitely should go there.

Through these photos, you can at least take a moment to relax and feel the magic of “Blue Lagoon”.

Image by Stephen via Flickr

Image by Vincent L. via Flickr

Spa center is located on the peninsula Reykjavik in south-western Iceland, near the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. “The Blue Lagoon” is the only place in the world where a deep sea ridge comes ashore. The temperature in the vast expanse of water accumulated, ranges from about 37 to 39 degrees Celsius.

Image by Chris Zielecki via Flickr

The water contains many active ingredients that help guests relax better, such as silica, salts and blue-green algae. Also, white silicone mud helps in softening the skin.

Image by Slava Rodionov via Flickr

Image by Heather via Flickr

Image by Heather via Flickr

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