Bon Voyage! 5 Things You Should Prepare Before a Long Boating Trip

A boat can be source of endless hours of fun for you and your family. It can really make a summer—or any season—something special. However, if you are not careful, a boating trip can easily turn into a disastrous tragedy. Boating accidents do happen, and they can kill. With that in mind, you always need to be completely prepared before you launch off for the day. Below are five things that you should prepare before leaving on a long boat trip.

Pre-Departure Checklist

One thing you should absolutely do before you depart is create a checklist of boat maintenance tasks that must be completed as well as an inventory checklist of items you must have on board. Go over this list twice before departing. If you forget to do things like check fuel levels, your trip could come to a sudden and disappointing end.

Maintenance Parts

Complete all necessary maintenance tasks before you depart. Ensure that you have the correct marine maintenance parts to make your ship as safe and as well cared for as possible. For any parts that may need to be replaced mid-trip, Store them on board. You don’t know what could happen. You need to have the right tools available if you need them.

Water and Food

Other absolute essentials include water and food. People can become dehydrated faster than you may think especially if you’re enjoying some for intense activities. Make sure you have a good deal more water and liquid refreshments than you expect to consume. The same goes for food. You could end up stranded at sea or even in the middle of a large, empty lake. If that happens, the supplies you have on board like water and food can make a huge difference.

Life Jackets and Lifesavers

You should always have enough life jackets for everyone onboard, and everyone on board should always be wearing a life jacket, even if they’re confident in their swimming abilities. This is absolutely essential since an accident that could knock someone overboard could happen at any time. Make sure the life jackets in question are rated for the weight of each person so they actually keep them buoyant. You should also have several lifesavers onboard as well.

Marine VHF Radio

You also need the ability to communicate with others on your boat especially if you need help. You absolutely cannot rely on cell phone service alone. Instead, purchase a VHF radio and make sure you know how to operate it before departing.

Boating can be fun and relaxing. However, it is an activity with some inherent risk and can absolutely be dangerous under the wrong circumstances. Ensure that you are always completely prepared before departing. It could save lives.

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