Booking An Epicurean And Adventurous Vacation With Royal Holiday

Whether you’re planning your first, or your tenth cruise, you deserve to have the experience of a lifetime each and every time. Royal Holiday and Tripadvisor makes it simpler to plan the vacation of your dreams over and over again. Cruise to your destination port and have the time of your life or fly to an Argentinian resort with sumptuous offerings and experiences. If you love lush tropical areas, you’ll really enjoy visiting the Cliffs Club in Kauai, Hawaii. With hundreds of options available, you can plan any activity or experience you like. Booking online securely and safely at the best rates available is simple.

A World Class Travel Experience from an Award-Winning Company

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club has 100,000 members who are able to lock in the prices of their vacations, making it easier to plan annual trips for the coming years. Royal Holiday offers the most luxurious resorts, hotels, villas, international timeshares, condos, and cruise ships and is the recipient of many prestigious awards, like the Golden Apple award from Apple Vacations.

Royal Holiday has even been the recipient of a resort award for six different Park Royal locations. The Park Royal Cozumel location received an award as “Top Hotel”. The vacation club is the recipient of an ARDY award for best architecture and interior design from The American Association of Developments and Resorts. Also, the club was rated by Expansion Magazine as one of the 500 best enterprises in Mexico.

Royal Holiday Vacation Clubs Top Travel Destinations this Spring

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club is available in 52 countries and travels to 180 destinations offering the ultimate vacation packages like the legendary destination of Park Royal Acapulco. You can expect top quality service from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.

Located just 25 minutes from the airport, take a trip to Park Royal Ixtapa in Mexico. The resort is located on a gorgeous stretch of sand at Palmar Beach. The Ixtapa location offers high quality, meticulous service. Discover unusually luxurious amenities such as cooking classes, parasailing, swimming with dolphins, and an oversized swimming pool.

Trenython Manor in Cornwall is also well worth a visit. It’s a beautiful, premier condominium resort where you can have an aperitif at an award winning restaurant. You can also visit world-renowned attractions. The Eden Project and The Lost Gardens of Heligan are perfect places for a horticultural enthusiast to visit. The locations offer a diverse array of plants from around the world to explore; the Mediterranean biome, rainforest biome, and outdoor garden plants.

See the land where the tales of King Arthur and Excalibur originated at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall. Book a stay at the magical Italian palace, Palazzo al Velabro near the Roman chariot racing stadium of ancient times. Some of the 33 apartments in the palace have balcony apartments featuring views overlooking Palatine Hill and the Arch of Janus. If you’re partial to cruises, consider visiting the Mediterranean or the Southern Caribbean for 7 nights. You can also cruise to destinations like the Bahamas, North Europe, or Japan, among many others.

Booking a trip to a fantastic location for two for an entire group is an easy, seamless process with Royal Holiday. There is so much to explore and we’ve curated a list of destinations that you’ll love experiencing. Witness preserved history, diverse cultures, remarkable meals, and meticulous service all in one trip. Royal Holiday also regularly promotes events and releases news via their newsletter. Sign up today to get the latest information and limited time offers that will add an extra thrill to your vacation.

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