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Brilliant Travel Apps

The internet has changed the face of travel for everyone. It’s never been easier to find hotels, restaurants and attractions, plan your travel and transport, or indeed do pretty much anything in relation to your travels, thanks to the internet, in particular mobile smartphone apps. Here are some of the best.

Google Translate

The online translation feature of the search giant has long been known to internet users, but the app’s new features take it to another level entirely. Firstly, you can now translate speech in real time, which could obviously be infinitely useful in transcending the language barrier when you’re interacting with other people in a foreign country. The most striking of the app’s new features, however, is its ability to recognise and translate text in images – meaning all you need to do when confronted with a bewildering menu or unintelligible sign is point your camera and let the app work its magic Amazing.

Momondo Places

Momondo is a highly personalized travel site which allows you to search for cities, destinations and activities based on preferences and even your mood. The app combines a transparent comparison service, allowing you to find the cheapest flights and hotels for your needs, with an aura of adventure and excitement which will help you to explore your destination and discover hidden gems and places you’d never otherwise have visited.

The Montcalm App

This app makes booking your stay at one of the luxurious Montcalm hotels easier than ever. Featuring image galleries displaying all the room and suite options for each property, you’ll be able to see your options in advance so you know what you’re booking. Once you’ve booked, you can edit and manage your reservation right up to check-in time, and which point you can skip the tedium of the reception desk by checking in online. The same goes for checking out, but the benefits of the app aren’t limited to the beginning and end of your stay. Via push notifications, you can keep updated with the latest offers and deals, so using the Montcalm App can actually help you save money on your stay.


This app’s a godsend for those of us who are constantly tempted to play chicken with flight prices, gambling for as long as possible as prices drop – only for them to rocket up never to return. Hopper allows you to pinpoint the flight you want, and then, rather than you having to keep an eye on it to ensure you don’t miss it going down any further, you’ll get real time alerts as soon as the flight drops. The app also provides a calendar containing information about the cheapest days to fly, as well as price predictions on your chosen travel dates, and prices at other nearby airports.

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