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Bringing An Ethical Edge To Your Exotic Wedding

The allure of the wider world is getting more people to tie the knot abroad than ever before. Up to 58% of Americans are considering a destination wedding, according to the Business Insider, with a desire to experience the wider world and tie that to the most important day of their life. A destination wedding is a great opportunity to experience a new place, but it’s also an opportunity to act in an ethical way and make your wedding a statement event for you and your world view.

The bands

A great first stop in making your entire wedding an ethical affair is with your wedding bands. Wedding rings are increasingly becoming an area of planning in which couples save, with CNBC showing that the expectation for a 3-month-salary-band is no longer an absolute requirement. This gives you more options to obtain ethical and sustainable gems for your ring. Look exclusively for ethically sourced diamonds that are from Kimberley verified sources, and look for sustainability too – that could mean a synthetic rock, which could save you in the long term.

Considering travel

It’s great to get away for your travel, but consider the impact of your air travel. Emissions go hand-in-hand with airplane transit, and that means any destination departure is going to have an impact. Climate change is an incentive to strive towards a healthier environment, but there are ethical considerations too – the impacts of climate change disproportionately impact poorer communities. Look to use airlines have a carbon-neutral commitment. McKinsey, the consultants, have highlighted efforts by many airlines to make this a reality.

Your big day

Why not tie the knot in an ethical and environmentally progressive environment? Many countries, most notably Costa Rica, have a great history of ecologically positive events and tourism. Looking for a place where you can have your big day in the most progressive environment possible can help you to make sure that your wedding has a lasting impact – both on your marriage, and in terms of not having an adverse impact on the environment around you.

Having an ethical wedding can be done in exotic locations, but it means effort from you. Simply going to an environmentally friendly location isn’t enough to make it a truly ethical and sustainable process. Making sure that every step of your wedding journey will do a bit of good for the world is a great way to start off your marriage.

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