A Budget-Friendly Travel Guide to Dubai

Are you worried that you don’t have enough money to visit the wonderful city of Dubai? While this one-of-a-kind treasure in the Middle East is best known for its 5-star hotels and fancy restaurants, you might be surprised that it can also be light on your pockets. A small budget shouldn’t stop you from visiting this luxury oasis. Here’s a list of five simple ways on how you can enjoy a Dubai vacation without breaking the bank.

1) Get a budget plane ticket.

You shouldn’t start budgeting once you’ve already landed in Dubai. The process starts with booking a plane ticket. Depending on where you live, try to find low budget airlines that can fly you to Dubai. Sure, you can’t expect to have the most comfortable trip, but this certainly amounts to huge cost savings. It’s an easy way to save up cash for the activities you want to do in the city.

2) Book an affordable accommodation.

Do you really need to stay in a 4- or 5-star hotel? The luxurious amenities are tempting, but you can have fun without them. You can find a lot of cheap hotels in UAE, particularly those located far from the busy metropolitan area. This entails slightly longer travel times to and from the hotel, but transportation is cheap in Dubai even if you choose to ride taxis. Check out the hotels in Al Barsha and Deira. These places are where you can find the most affordable accommodations in the city.

3) Take the public transport.

It can be intimidating to use the public transport in an unfamiliar territory, but there’s no reason to panic. Dubai’s transport system is very efficient, as you’ll often find yourself one bus or train ride away from your destination. The metro isn’t always conveniently located, meaning you’d have to do quite a bit of walking. Thankfully, taxis in Dubai are cheap as long as you ensure that the meter runs and that you avoid rush hours.

4) Shop for discounted items.

Attractions in Dubai are countless specially the malls in Dubai are second to none. Countless shoppers flock the malls to get their hands on signature brands. It can be challenging for anybody to stay on budget with all the amazing finds, but it pays to learn about the places where you can shop at the best rates. If you’re keen on visiting the mall, look for stores that offer huge discounts. European brands are particularly inexpensive in Dubai. You can also save a lot by visiting the Dubai Creek where you can find souks. Haggling is allowed here, so use your negotiation skills to get the best deals.

5) Feast on tasty bud affordable meals.

Eating in upscale restaurants is an easy way to lose track of your budget. But given the large population of foreign workers in Dubai, you can expect to see a lot of cheap restaurants that serve delicious dishes. You can certainly eat like a king without shelling out a ton of cash. And what’s great is that you have a myriad of choices of international cuisines. If you’re looking for alcohol, though, know that it is only served in hotels, restaurants, and clubs.

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