On Budget Home Improvement and Décor Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

Maybe at some point, you’ll want to sell your home and move to something different or bigger. In order for the sale to go as smooth as possible, it’s smart to make small improvements around your home while you’re still there. There are many cheap ways that can increase the value of your home and don’t require too much hassle.

Upgrade with paint

Paint is known to effectively change the appearance of a room (for better or worse). Choose the colors that complement the furnishings and the feel of the room. It’s always safer to go with neutral, relaxing colors and leave the bold ones for accenting a wall or a corner.

If you want to save time and money, then paint only specific items. Doors are very easy and cheap to paint and they instantly improve the appearance of a room. For example, black door adds to the elegance of the room while a red entrance door looks warm and welcoming.

Floor replacement or refurbishment

The majority of buyers love hardwood floors so it would really pay off to get brand new flooring. In case you already have old or damaged wood, restoring it will still look fantastic. Remove most of the carpets and focus on the wooden floors – they are easier to maintain, they last longer and they add the sense of warmth and coziness.

If you really can’t afford hardwood throughout the entire home, then switch to laminate in some room and leave a carpet in the bedrooms. Try to have the bare minimum of hardwood – in the living room and the dining room.

Upgrade the light fixtures

It’s usually affordable to change or install light fixtures. In case they’re already wired, you can change them on your own. Stick to simple, modern fixtures, for example, a semi-flush mount light.

If you’re missing some light fixtures in certain rooms, then first hire an electrician to hook up one of the outlets to a wall switch. A cute floor lamp will suffice for an ambient improvement.

Consult pros

Buyers like to hear that professionals have been included in decorating your place or in the sale process. A designer will be much more objective than you when it comes to big decisions like the colors and the style of decorative items and furnishings. Everything will look more cohesive.

When the time of the sale approaches, many homeowners consult professionals like Curtis Associates which will point out the aspects that will ease the whole process. A potentially smooth sale is what many buyers are looking for.

Cut energy costs

You may think that the amount of money you spend every day on the energy bill is ok but you can probably make some changes that will make your home more energy-efficient. You can consult a local utility company for an energy audit – they will show you ways to reduce the waste of energy. By making an energy-efficient home, you’ll attract more buyers when the time comes.

Make a great first impression

The entrance of your home forms the first impression in potential buyers. The entry door should complement the exterior and look welcoming. If they don’t, consider replacing them with solid wood door or stained-glass panels.

Visually increase space

The size of your home affects its value but it’s not just about the square meters. Buyers won’t care about the exact size and numbers if the house looks spacious. Make every room in your home look larger and by replacing heavy closed draperies with blinds, which will allow the light to get in. Add a single large mirror to a small room to “add” more space. Get rid of the clutter – there’s something you don’t need in every room, for sure.

Final comment

These home improvement projects don’t have to happen at the same time. Take a slow pace and improve your home room by room, detail by detail. It will help you stay aware of the overall expenses.

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