Budget Travel Ideas for Norway, the Land of Midnight Sun

Norway is one of the most expensive countries for the tourists, but the fact is that it is too beautiful to miss. Norway ids a part of the Euro Zone and their local currency are Norwegian Krone or NOK and currently 1 Euro is equal to 8NOK. Where a beer could cost your 10 Euros, then it is better to know about that country before you view their panoramic nature.

Tromsø (Romsa or Tromssa)

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How to get to Norway

If you want to travel to Norway on budget, you have to look after a certain number of things. In the beginning you must check out the Norwegian Low Fare Calendar to look up to flights below 20 Euros. The airport transportation is expensive, so students and people with age can get discounts. As an alternative, you can take the bus instead of the train.


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Getting around in Norway

  • Look for domestic flights.
  • Just between Oslo and Bergen, you can enjoy a train ride over to the mountains at 249 NOK by buying Minipris Tickets.


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  • If you are going to Stavanger or Trondheim, Kristiansand or Minipris tickets might be an alternative here as well.


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  • Norwegian tows are small and if you love walking or biking then you can take on those walking or biking tours at cheaper rates.
  • If you like to see the Norwegian fjords then take the Norwegian Coastal Express called Hurtigruten. It is not cheap but has discount for students and groups that makes it affordable.

Fjords Of Norway

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For the foods

  • Going out to restaurants in Norway is expensive, you can hear from the locals to know the cheap and best tips.
  • In Oslo, you can check the Gronland one of the best places to have reasonably priced restaurants/cafés.
  • As for drinking, Alcohol and tobacco are definitely the most expensive in Norway. Prices on a glass of beer varies from NOK 29 to NOK 90 you can save if you go to the right place.
  • You can enjoy the pre-party like the Norwegians before going out as it saves money, since after party drinking is not possible. Since it is expensive and the bar closes early in Norway.
  • In the supermarket you get the cheapest beer at NOK 12 as for the wine and spirits look for the government retailer Vinmonopolet to get a decent wine at NOK 75.
  • It is better to buy alcohol from the duty free shop in airports

Verftet, Bergen

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Buying those groceries

As we know eating is expensive in Norway then you might like to cook at your own self. This will help you to save a lot of money if you buy the groceries at the right shop.

  • The supermarket chain REMA 1000 offers the best price thus helps to save a lot of money by looking for special offers.
  • Another supermarket chain KIWI offers you some of the cheap range of products.

Kiwi market, Oslo

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Accommodation in Norway

  • You can look for couchsurfing one of the most cheapest way to stay in Norway and bets if you cook at home.
  • Do a study on the cheapest hotel before you set out for Norway and prepare a lift of them to narrow down your search when you reach.
  • Many hotels are there who offers discounts to tourist in the summer, check with local tourist information.
  • You can bring your own tent and free to camp almost everywhere, just 200 meters away from any private property.

Thon Hotel, Ski

Image by Sigurd Rage via Flickr

Therefore, this summer you can prepare your bags to set for Norway that too at cheap.

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