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Budget Travel India: How to Get Cheap Flights and Stay More

Traveling in India is not very expensive but if you have the right itinerary you can stay even longer. Meaning more time to enjoy this country of spirituality, great food and culture. Here are a few tips to make your India travel even cheaper by choosing the right flights and areas to stay.

When looking for cheap air tickets you need to shop around and be flexible. The best thing to do when searching for flights is to play with flights and destinations to find the cheapest options possible. Think about flying from regional airports or choosing unsociable hours flights which will bring your costs down.

Cheapest destinations to fly to in India

This country is the perfect destination for budget travellers and staying, eating and transport here is cheap compared to Western Europe. However, the cost of the flights can bump up the overall cost. If you are planning on exploring much of India then you should choose the best flight deals to any region and be flexible with your starting point.

Some of the busiest airports tend to have the best travel deals and of course if you choose connecting rather than direct flights the cost will decrease dramatically too sometimes halving the price. So where should you fly to?

New Delhi

Located in the north of the country, New Delhi is the capital city and the usual starting point for visitors looking to visit the Taj Mahal which is just 4 hours away.


Well known for its sandy beaches and Portuguese influence. Goa can be found on the South Western coast. Come for the relaxing environment and use as a base to explore the wider area.


Further up the coast you will find Mumbai. Formerly known as Bombay this financial centre is a popular tourist spot, especially drawn to the Gateway to India built by the British Raj on the harbour front.


Another coastal region known both for its history and beaches. Located on the South East coast, the Kamaskshi Amman Temple and Marina beach are visitor highlights.

Cheapest places to see and stay

Once youve booked your flights to India you might be wondering how to save money on places to stay. Here are a few places that are both cheap to stay and interesting to see.

Jaisalmer in Rajasthan

Just a cheap train ride from Delhi and you’ll find yourself in Jaisalmer. Here there are temples to explore, the Jaisalmer fort and Gadisar Lake. Accommodation here can be found for as little as 500 INR.

Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu

A bus ride from Chennai and you’ll find yourself in the off the beaten track location off Kolli Hills. This peaceful location gives visitors a welcome break from the city. Top things to do include visiting the beautiful Agaya Gangai waterfalls, the Masila Falls and Arpaleeshwar Temple. Accommodation costs start from around 400 INR.

Durshet in Maharashtra

Not far from Mumbai Durshet village is a pretty green getaway with waterfalls, nature trails and spectacular views. The best thing is that exploring the area in completely free. Accommodation in hotels here cost up to 1000 INR.

Are you planning a budget trip to India?

With the right flights and some good advanced planning, you can enjoy a fantastic trip to India without spending a fortune. There’s amazing street food everywhere you go which is great for a budget traveller and good accommodation can be found cheap as can be, especially in locations that are off the beaten track. So how does a wallet friendly trip to India sound?

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