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Building your own Walden: ultimate inspiration for a secluded cabin retreat

In many corners of the world, dwellings on a small scale have achieved immense popularity. In Norway, for example, lots of people have a personal “hut” in the woods on a mountain slope. There is also a public hut system there with more than 460 cabins available in National Parks throughout the country. The British love a beach hut, also known as a bathing box, and similar cabins have popped up in more exotic locations including the Maldives, Bali and Goa. In the U.S., secluded cabins have grown in popularity, perhaps inspired by the house built by Henry David Thoreau on Walden’s Pond where he wrote the novel Walden about living simply in natural surroundings. If you want to achieve your very own rural retreat, here are a few pointers as to how you might do it.

Setting up

Thoreau’s original cabin consisted of a frame with wooden cladding and cost approximately $28 in the 1850s. Today, of course, there are many pre-fabricated buildings available that are sturdily built and ready to be put into place and then decorated according to your personal taste. While Walden opted for simpler furnishings comprising a desk and lamp, a bed and a table with three chairs you may want to create your interiors in a warmer, cozier style. In fact, you could even make luxury a feature so that you are really pampered and enjoy taking a break in your special space.

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Key components

Secluded places often require extra special attention to warmth, from the installation of wood burning stoves to the addition of stylish and effective shutters that will keep the heat in and the cold out. Subtle lighting fixtures are important too so that you can keep the interior ambiance soft and welcoming. When it comes to furniture, then your bedroom needs an extra comfy bed, especially if you’re keen on hiking or climbing, as after a hard day outside you’ll want to be sure of getting a good night’s sleep. Also, if you love to cozy up beside the fire, you’ll need a good sofa or armchairs so that you can relax properly.

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Get the look

As so many cabins are located in forests or on mountains, incorporating wood and stone is an ideal way to be sure they blend with their surroundings. Lots of cabins are decorated in traditional styles while others are given a more contemporary treatment. Wooden shutters are very useful in either case as they come in a wide variety of finishes and can easily blend with classic décor as well as fitting with a modern treatment. Creative approaches might include strategically positioned chandeliers, roughhewn wooden shelves and restored and aged furniture. Paint colors are also vital to enhance your preferred effect. By limiting your color palette and then making the most of the range of tones available you can fashion exciting new looks for even the smallest space.

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Accessories that are quirky and inexpensive can be found at flea markets and yard sales and will add the finishing touches to your rural retreat. To feel completely at home personalize your cabin space with artworks and artifacts you like to look at and which fit with your chosen themes. Then step back and admire your handiwork, having built your very own Walden.

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