Burano Island – Place That Brings Brightness In Every Cloudy Day

Almost every square kilometer of beautiful Italy is a wonderful place that impresses visitors. If today you need indispensable vacation or dose of enjoyment and relaxation, you will find peace in the happiest and most colorful Italian island of Burano.

Burano is an island in the northern part of the Venetian lagoon, away from Venice just 40 minutes with boat ride. As each island, Burano also has soul and charm.

Since Roman times the island’s main activity is fishing and the art of making lace. Anyway, the greatest attractions of the island are its colorful houses that make this place one of the most picturesque in the world. When you first step on this picturesque island, you can feel the positive energy. From the small square with several restaurants extends a small, sunny street that constantly shines. Narrow houses in Burano stand in a row with a simple architecture, not higher than two floors. All facades are painted in different, bright and vivid colors that represent the trademark of families. They are the main feature of Burano, the most colorful island in the world. The exact reason why people began to paint the houses in bright colors is unknown. But, there is a story that fishermen decided to take this move for a simple reason – to recognize their homes when they returning from fishing, in the morning through the thick fog.

For centuries in Burano each family has its own “safety color” of the house. Today if someone wants to paint his house, he must send a request to the government, which will determine which color should be used. The real reason for this diversity is not even required, because the island Burano is one of the most visited in Italy. Only this place can bring brightness into the rainy days.

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