Cadiz – Three Millenniums Old Beauty

Pack the bags and get the plane. Leave he ordinary life and take a journey of the most southerly, most populous and the most beautiful province of Spain, a place famous by flamencos and the great Pablo Picasso. In other words, visit Cadiz, the famous city of Andalusia.

Cadiz is an important tourist destination renowned for perhaps the most beautiful beaches in Spain, historical heritage and lush vegetation.

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Old more than three thousand years, The Spanish city of Cadiz is the oldest in Western Europe and in any case is the oldest of the Iberian Peninsula. His important port with 157,000 inhabitants is located in Andalusia, a peninsula that lies on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to its extraordinary geographical position, almost completely surrounded by sea, the city has always been an important strategic establishment. It is located close to the “Barrio de la Viña”, known as the beach of the Old City, which is located between two castles, San Sebastian and Santa Catalina. Cadiz was founded 80 years before the Trojan War and it was named Gadir, meaning wall or fortress. Many years later, Greeks called it Gadir or Gadeira.

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Also, beach where it is situated is about four feet long and thirty feet wide. Baltic timber, British metal and Spanish silver are the most wanted things from the Cadiz. During the 18th century began the golden age of Cadiz. Trade grew, and 75% of Spanish goods flow in this port. In addition to becoming a cosmopolitan, Cadiz became the richest city with countless palaces, cathedrals and other luxurious buildings. Today that place is a modern city, which still has its historic charm located in the narrow streets of the old town. At the core of the city there are no modern, new buildings. Almost all things are completely preserved with numerous details of facades and some are covered with beautiful decorative tiles.

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