Caitlin Craig Lawrence Lists the World’s Top Fashion Destinations in 2019

People have different reasons for traveling to other countries during their vacations. Some may want to travel internationally during their time off because they want to experience cuisines in other parts of the world. Others may prefer to cross international borders because there are particular natural wonders and establishments they want to see in person.

For the style-minded though, world travel is a goal because they want to see what fashion is like in different pockets of the globe. To them, becoming part of a new fashion scene is more exciting than any other experience that can be had abroad.

If you have some money to spare and frequent flyer miles still available, fashion experts such as Caitlin Craig Lawrence recommend paying a visit to the cities below if you want more than a glimpse of what the best minds in the industry have to offer.


London is the first city on the list of top fashion destinations, and it earns that distinction with good reason. The capital city of England is regarded as one of the world’s four fashion capitals and it is host to the prestigious “Fashion Week” that takes place twice a year. The city has been known as a trendsetter in the fashion industry for centuries now and it remains a popular haunt for both established designers and ones on the rise.

Aside from being regarded as one of the four fashion hubs of the world, London is also a must-visit city for any fashion-lover because it serves as home to a wide array of high-end boutiques. Per CNN, the Doneger Group has London ranked as the number one fashion shopping destination.

Now, be warned that shopping in London is not exactly the most affordable experience. You will likely have to set aside a sizable chunk of your budget for it. Still, if it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip, it’s hard to argue against splurging.


No list of top fashion destinations would be complete without including Milan, Italy. Fashion is big business in the city. According to The Balance, more than 12,000 companies based within the city are involved in the fashion industry. You may not be familiar with most of those companies, but you will undoubtedly recognize brands such as Armani, Gucci, Prada, and Versace just to name a few.

Milan has long been among the most important locations in the world in terms of fashion. One can even argue that the city was the epicenter of the industry especially during the middle of the previous century. Though many years have passed since then, Milan has retained its beauty and its status as one of the true fashion capitals of the world.

New York City

The United States remains one of the world’s pre-eminent superpowers, so it’s no surprise that they get their own entry in the list of the top fashion destinations. Los Angeles has a claim to being the most glamorous city, but New York certainly has an edge over it when it comes to fashion. New York City is a haven for artists and fashionistas alike. It’s not just for established personalities as well.

If you are still trying to gain entry into the world of the fashion industry or simply seeking to learn more about it so that you can one day become heavily involved, New York City is a place you should most definitely visit and perhaps even consider staying in. There are numerous educational institutions located within the city that offer courses focused on the topic of fashion. You can learn from some of the brightest minds in fashion by attending one of those schools.

Don’t worry if you only have the time for a quick visit. Time your trip to coincide with New York Fashion Week and you will be able to get a true sense for what fashion is like in this day and age. You may even see some famous faces moving about the city during that time of the year. Fashion Week is not the only buzzworthy event for the style enthusiasts of New York City. The annual Met Gala has also become a must-see event for followers of the fashion industry as it features many celebrities and designers putting forth their boldest looks.


Simply put, Paris is synonymous with the fashion industry. You cannot talk about one without mentioning the other. Some of the world’s most legendary fashion houses are based in the City of Lights. Examples include Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Yves Saint Laurent. There are so many other notable fashion houses based within Paris that it is easy to lose track of them.

Notably, you can see some incredible fashion yourself even if you have no connections to industry insiders. As CNN notes, the Galeries Lafayette is known for hosting a weekly fashion show. Secure a reservation for it if you want a glimpse of what fashion means to the city of Paris and its residents.

The Emerging Fashion Destinations

Are London, Milan, New York City, and Paris the only places worth visiting if you want to see the best that the fashion world has to offer? That is obviously not the case. You can find numerous other cities in the world that are worth visiting for any lover of exquisite clothing and even better designs.

According to Culture Trip, Asian cities such as Shanghai in China and Tokyo in Japan have become hotbeds for the fashion industry in recent years. Along with producing their own notable fashion designers, those cities have also welcomed international brands seeking to tap into the Asian markets.

In South America, the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo is making its own mark in the fashion industry. The city is even hosting biannual Fashion Weeks of its own.

While many cities all around the world are developing a keener and better fashion sense, industry experts such as Caitlin Craig Lawrence know that there are still those standout destinations that must be experienced in person.

It may cost a pretty penny to visit even just one of the top fashion destinations listed above, but the experiences you’ll have will be more than worth the expenses.

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