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Camping Just Got Cooler With These Handy Camping Gears in Tow

Just like any adventure, camping is one that you should be prepared for to enjoy it to the max. The gear is very important and it makes camping much easier, but that doesn’t mean that you should bring your whole house over to feel cozy—remember, this is an adventure.

Camping gear is personal as you’ll probably notice that you’ll need different items than your partner does, and vice versa. Someone might bring a guitar, another could go for a book. You’ll notice that the most essential items in your camping gear list are similar to your partners’, but the ones that give the adventure a personalized tone are usually items that you individually have an interest in. This is a mini-guide that can help you identify which items will make your camping gear the coolest.

Portable Fridge

We all know that coolers are fun and handy when it comes to storing a few beers and some frozen food. But these aren’t designed to last a long time. A portable or camping freezer is dependable when it comes to storing food and beverages. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can get solar-powered fridges, car or boat batteries, portable generators, or any other source that provides a DC. Whether the capacity is 30L or 70L, you can forget about those huge, bulky ice bags you bring in traditional coolers. When looking for the right one, camping enthusiasts at should give you an idea of the variety provided by portable freezers. The extra storage space they come with is quite convenient, as you can easily store a whole week’s food and drinks in there and keep them cool. While the freezer may sound like an energy hog, a lot of them come with energy-saving features that make them quite practical.

Sleeping Bag

A lot of campers like to make their adventure as convenient as possible with big tents that stick out in the middle of the forest like a sore thumb. A sleeping bag is the way to go if you’re looking for that ‘cool’ factor. Camping blankets are known for their great ability to keep your body warm when you’re sleeping outside. Just because they’re compact doesn’t mean that they’re not comfortable; they’re quite cozy thanks to the cushioning integrated inside. Professional campers or those who are looking for true adventure in nature, opt to use sleeping bags that can protect them from snow and rain. Believe it or not, sleeping bags or camping blankets are safer and can protect your body temperature more than tents in harsher climate conditions. Their compactness makes them the wisest choice as you won’t need to carry all the extra weight of a tent on your back or spend hours trying to assemble it for the first time.

Wide-Mouthed Bottle

Campers used to bring canteens that looked horrible and uncool just because they had big volumes and they kind of preserved the temperature of fluids. The narrow-mouthed shape and odd-tasting material of the canteen made it not the best in terms of taste and flexibility. Wide-mouthed plastic bottles were originally called ‘Nalgene’ bottles, which was the inventing company’s name. It quickly caught fire in the camping scene, and campers—whether experts or beginners—took a liking to it. A lot of different manufacturers started producing it with a variety of features and options. They’re cooler, cheaper, and more convenient than canteens.

Let There Be Light

A flashlight is one of the most essential tools any camper should have in their backpacks or pockets, depending on the size and power. Light is very important, especially when it comes to camping in wild forests and dimly-lit areas. A flashlight can keep you safe as you’ll be more alert while moving through the forest at night. You don’t want to light a fire every single time the area around you darkens. Needless to say, the more compact, light, and strong your flashlight is, the better. The safest and most convenient flashlight is the kind that’s easily and quickly activated. While some professional campers prefer a headlamp rather than a flashlight, it simply doesn’t look as cool, and it’s not practical and efficient like a good ol’ handy flashlight.

Survival Kit

The best campers prepare for worst-case scenarios rather than just having fun and dealing with the mess later. A survival kit is quite cool when you come to think about it. The more adventurous and robust your camping trips are, the more survival tools you’ll need. A survival knife is an essential item in any kit, whether it’s a commercially produced survival kit or a custom-made one. You probably won’t need it to fight bears; it’s usually used to skin game and sharpen sticks. A map and a compass should also be in any adventurer’s toolkit. Whether you’re going to explore uncharted territories or if you find yourself suddenly lost in the forest, a map and a compass can save you. Your survival kit should always include a first aid kit, whether you think it’s cool or not. You don’t want to end up with a horrible infection or bleeding just because you forgot to—or decided not to—bring a first aid kit.

Water Purifier

The average human can’t survive more than 72 hours without drinking water. While you may think that you’d never run out of water since you’re surrounded by springs and creeks, that can actually be more dangerous than being thirsty. Untreated water can contain bacteria that can land you in the emergency room in a few hours. A lot of campers boil their water to ensure that it’s drinkable. To introduce the ‘cool’ factor, a water purifier can be a true game-changer if you bring the right one. Always keep in mind that even if you have an unlimited source of water, it sometimes may take some extra time to conveniently purify enough water for your group.

Camping is one of the few ways available today that allow human beings to return to their most natural state. That said, taking advantage of the benefits of technology doesn’t take away from the adventure. So, for your next trip, remember to pack all the right items, stay on the safe side, and stay cool.

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