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Canadian pet owners are not giving up on their summer travel plans

Summer usually inspires people to adventure to new and exciting countries and go off the beaten tracks, but during the pandemic this year’s travel plans are going to look a bit different. Canada’s official travel advisories state to avoid non-essential travel outside Canada until further notice, so many adventurers will have to postpone their plans.

But this doesn’t mean summer exploration adventures are over! According to pet sitting platform, the majority of Canadian pet owners are going to take this opportunity to rediscover their country with their best friend by their side.

62.6% of pet owners are still planning to travel this summer.

Rover recently surveyed 500 pet parents in Canada, and for the majority of them travelling is still going to be on the program.  With going overseas not being the safest option, many pet owners are thinking about taking the opportunity to get to know their homeland a bit better. And that doesn’t surprise us, as we know Canada has some spectacular tourist attractions to offer. Luckily for pet parents, Canada has plenty of dog friendly national parks, and more and more beaches are also opening for our four legged friends. Looks like summer 2020 is calling for a road trip!

67.5% of pet parents say they will likely travel this summer by car or campervan.

To slow the spread of COVID-19, Canadian authorities have asked the population to make a conscious effort to practice social distancing as much as possible, as it’s the most efficient way to reduce the risk of contagion between people. Therefore, travelling in your own car or campervan seems like the most logical option to pick when traveling around the country this year. The plus side of choosing to travel by RV is that you are almost travelling from the comfort of your home. Personal vehicles also make it possible for pets to come along for the ride, and that’s why 63% of pet parents plan on bringing them along.

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